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Australia Real Estate

Australia Real Estate has performed really well against the backdrop of an unprecedented market slowdown that has been grappling the world economy for the past one and a half year or so. The perseverance of real estate industry in Australia is very well reflected by the fact of its doing better than any other OECD country, be it real estate sale, buy or rent, during the past twelve months. Despite the phenomenon of increasing mortgage rates and falling new home sales, the property market in Australia has managed to keep alive the hope for more real estate investment with good returns in the years to come.

The smallest of all subcontinents in the world, Australia is situated entirely on the southern hemisphere and comprises one vast mainland and numerous smaller islands dotting the Pacific and Indian Oceans. A nation originally inhabited by aborigines and later colonized by Europeans became a federation when the six colonies formed the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. Now the six states of the country, these were New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC) and Tasmania. The other two significant areas comprising the mainland of Australia include the Northern Territory (NT) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). A country ranked at a good position among world's most developed nations is considered as a hot destination for travel, education, business, and of course real estate.

Australia Real Estate Agents

There is no doubt in the significant role played by a real estate agent during your quest for the dream home in Australia. Real Estate agents offer you guided help in searching through confusing mazes of property listings to find the best that can perfectly match your budget and family requirements. Their assistance is not confined to locating a property for sale only. You will find their support inevitable for making an offer and negotiating with the seller on your behalf. Buying a house involves a good amount of money but Real Estate Agents can negotiate well to bring down substantially the price of the house you are going to buy. In fact, a buyers agent is a helpful guide that remains with you from the first till the last phase of the purchasing process. Some of the well known real estate companies that are run through a large network of real estate agents spread across different parts of Australia include IJ Hookers, First National Real Estate, Ray White, Harcourts, and Elders. Online resources in this regard have been made available by websites like ours.

Australia Real Estate for Sale

With the advent of Internet technology and its growing use in the property market throughout the nation it has now become extremely easy to find Australia real estate for sale. All kinds of residential properties that might include apartments, duplexes, mansions and several other forms of dwelling units of varying size and in different price bands are being made available online. Major real estate agencies and top realty companies offer online listing of properties for every location of significance in all states. While the demands for real estate and so the prices of major properties in cities like Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide are going through the roof, there are other destinations in states like NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and WA which are witnessing a rising number of buyers and investors for real estate. The industry also offers real estate for sale by owner and opportunities galore to invest in commercial properties in major cities.

Australia Real Estate Rentals

Australia real estate rentals has grown manifold as the country is now a favorite destination for people coming here for purposes that vary from education to travel and from business to property investment. Students, tourists and even local residents need affordable rental units at almost every part of the country. At the same time, there is a hi-end market for luxury houses for rent in places like Gold Coast, Sydney, Byron Bay and Noosa, to name just a few. Some places in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia offer holiday rentals to tourists and visitors at reasonable prices. Just like the real estate for sale, there exists online listing of properties that are available for rent in different parts of Australia. and are two of the prominent websites that allow you to search for a rental accommodation anywhere in Australia.

Australia Real Estate Institute

There exists a national association for all kinds of real estate professionals contributing in the growth of this industry segment. Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), as it is officially known, is an organization with no political affiliation to represent varied issues affecting the real estate sector at national level and to provide appropriate advice based on its own research and study to the Federal Government, media and other stakeholders. Apart from the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), there are similar professional institutes working at state levels as well. Chief among them are Real Estate Institute of NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, WA, Tasmania and NT. These are non-political professional organizations offering a single platform for all real estate agents and other real estate professionals to discuss their problems and work towards their amicable solutions through mutual coordination with their respective state government.

Australia Real Estate Search

Australia real estate search has been made easy by the websites featuring powerful search engines to allow real estate agents across the country to list or advertise their properties for sale. The comprehensive nationwide listing of available real estate for sale and also rental properties can be accessed just by visiting any of the sites offering this online service. Searches can be performed either by entering the location details and types of properties you are looking for, or by just clicking on an interactive map of the area concerned. Real estate search by map is indeed a faster approach to find exactly what kind of a house you are interested in at a desired location. Nevertheless, it is possible to do a search by keywords also, and even by MLS and neighborhood.

Australia Real Estate Listings

Search engine based real estate listings offer comprehensive solutions to all your housing requirements. There are listings for waterfront properties for sale in Tasmania, NSW and Victoria, and beachfront properties for sale in South Australia and Queensland. Real estate of distinction at Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Bellington and Forster invites you for a sumptuous lifestyle experience on the one hand while on the other there are properties abound with features like sea views, lakes, moorings, granny flats, no money down and floor plans. All these you can find in a well-managed database of real estate listing updated quite frequently.

Australia Real Estate Licence

The Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 requires that all real estate agents and several other professionals must hold an appropriate licence in order to work professionally in their respective spheres of activities and areas. The office of Fair Trading is the regulatory body to issue licences and manage a database of licenced professionals nationwide. It also allows you to run a licence or certificate of registration check online before hiring a real estate agent or any other professional falling under its regulatory control. The candidate looking for obtaining a licence from this premier licensing body of Australia must fulfill certain qualifying parameters. A relevant course offered by a reputed real estate training college in NSW, Queensland or whichever state you belong to will pave the way to fulfilling the licensing requirements.

Australia Real Estate Results

Australia real estate results that are based on weekly auction and property sales data are a good source to get a clear picture of the price trend and other features of a local market. The professional bodies, such as Real Estate Institute of Victoria and Real Estate Results Network keep a tab on the ongoing activities in the domain of real estate across the country whilst analyzing statistics and other data pertaining to real estate sale and buy.

We, at, have tried to bring you relevant and updated information that may help you do a real estate activity conveniently and rapidly. Our aim is to make you aware of the current propety trend through relevant articles, updated news items, and informative write ups. At the same time, we open you gateways to finding the best resources available for Australia Real Estate through comprehensive listings of real estate agents and leading service providers for real estate listings, rental properties and anything that brings you closer to your dream home.

Australia Real Estate
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