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Australia Houses for Rent

House Rental Websites usually bring you listings for Australia Houses for Rent and allow you to perform a search based on your preferences for location and other details. But seldom do any of these tell you how to go about the entire process. From finding a rental home to inspecting a property and from dealing with the landlord to choosing a flatmate; the entire process of renting a house involves a number of steps that at times become complicated and expensive as well. Not to talk of the first time renters, even a tenant with a long term rent history may need assistance in completing the procedure sometimes. Moreover, the landlord's terms and conditions may vary if you want to rent a house for a week, month or simply for a weekend. These may also differ if you want to hire a property for a vacation, wedding or any other event. Find a guide for tenants and landlords that contains all rental rules and regulations according to the laws of your state. We provide you resources to obtain the same.

Renting a House for the First Time

If you are renting a house for the first time, you may need to convince the landlord about your capability to pay rent on time. Landlords usually ask questions about your past tenancy experience just to ensure that you have been a good tenant all through these years. But since you are a first time applicant, you will certainly lack a history of this sort. This is what makes it difficult for you to rent a home for the first time. Allow your landlord to run a credit check and bring other documents and probably some references to persuade him about your credit worthiness. Moreover, choose a location that is close to your work place and amenities like public transportation, school, market, medical facilities, recreational clubs etc.

Rental Home Inspection

Good properties up for rent do not last long as they are grabbed as soon as they make an appearance on the listing. So you must act fast when you see a property that really interests you. Take your time out to pay a visit to the landlord or the real estate agent handling the property. It may sound weird but it is a fact that your application stands a better chance of selection if you have applied as a couple, and not as a single guy or a group of singles. Landlords are under impression that females can maintain a house more than males can and so they prefer applicants with one or more female partners. After screening and final selection of your application, you are allowed to inspect the home. Rental home inspection can be carried out in any of the three ways, which are as follows:

  • Collecting the keys to the property from agent after showing some ID and depositing a fee
  • Some properties for rent are kept open for inspection, normally on the weekend. Time is mentioned along with the listing of the property online.
  • You can make a call to the agent and get a time fixed for the inspection.
While inspecting a house on rent, make it a point to check whether it suits your requirements fully. For example, if you want a furnished apartment then see if it has things like TV, refrigerators, furniture, cupboard, microwave and anything that you may require while living there. Also check car park facility, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, power supply, cable & Internet connections, if required, and the proper functioning of electrical appliances. Use the Rental House Inspection Checklist available online.

House Rental Agreement

When you are fully satisfied with the general conditions of the apartment you are going to rent and a verbal agreement has been reached for the rent, tenancy term, maintenance and similar other issues, you need to sign a house rental agreement. A rental agreement needs to be signed by both the tenant and the landlord whether it is for an apartment, unit, acreage, rural property, penthouse, bungalow or any other house. It contains all subtle points that deal with issues like tenancy period, the rent amount and when it is to be paid, the necessary notice period in case of an early termination of the agreement by either side, the payment of taxes and regular maintenance of property, etc. Mostly the agreement is for a period of 11 to 12 months, but it can be renewed upon expiry of the term. Different kinds of lease agreement forms and residential tenancy agreement forms exist to fulfill the varying requirements of tenants and landlords. Moreover, tenancy laws may be different for each state and territory in the country, and you may need to pay for the rental bonds or security deposits in some Australian states. To know the house rental laws, use the resources provided by your state agency.
  • New South Wales: NSW Office of Fair Trading, NSW Residential Tenancies Act
  • Victoria: VIC Consumer Affairs, VIC Residential Tenancies Act
  • Queensland: QLD Residential Tenancies Authority, QLD Residential Tenancies Act
  • Western Australia: WA Department of Consumer and Employment Protection, WA Residential Tenancies Act
  • South Australia: SA Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, SA Residential Tenancies Act
  • Tasmania: TAS Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, TAS Residential Tenancies Act
  • Northern Territory: NT Department of Justice Consumer Affairs, NT Residential Tenancies Act.

Homes for Rent in Australia

The present market across all Australian states and territories is well prepared to cater to varying demands of rental homes and properties for lease. There are holiday homes, mobile houses, furnished apartments, beach houses and vacation homes for rent to fulfill upscale market demand. On the other hand, there are units, acreage, cheap homes, townhouses and similar kind of budget rental accommodation to meet the needs of low-income tenants, students and other people interested in renting a residential property.

Real estate is one industry where changes are too often and too quick, which sometimes affect the availability of rental homes in certain markets. As a result, you may sometimes find it difficult to get exactly what you have wanted and may be compelled to settle for something less than your usual requirements. You may try share accommodation or find a flatmate to cut your costs on rent and several other running expenses.

High rent and a rapidly growing rental market, on the other hand, attract investors and we see values of properties soaring to new highs. There exist a large number of real estate agents and property management companies that own or handle rental properties. We have tried to provide you a list of some well-known companies operating in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Cairns, to name just a few. To get information about other locations, keep browsing our website
Rent Australia
A leading real estate agent dealing in rental properties all over Australia including locations like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth..

Rent a Home
Find here a wide range of holiday and corporate rental solutions. It provides premium services to cater to your long or short term stay in Adelaide, Cairns, Toowoomba and across the nation..

Renting a Home Guide for Tenants and Landlords
Get this guide from the website of VIC Consumer Affairs to know about the state's rules and regulations on rentals in Melbourne and across Victoria.


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