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QLD Real Estate

QLD Real Estate continues to grow in terms of housing sale, rental value and property prices, though the growth is not as fast as it is in NSW or Victoria. The median house price in Brisbane is still lower than what it is in Sydney or Melbourne and the rental market is under-supplied, the REIQ statistics reveal. The Queensland robust economy and the growing demand of investment properties in select areas of Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone have prevented property prices from falling. The stability in QLD real estate coupled with low vacancy rate and the increased pace of apartment building construction everywhere in the state have helped the rental market maintain its growth. The property hot spots in Queensland include the traditional Brisbane and Gold Coast as well as upcoming destinations in Sunshine Coast, Gladstone, Kenmore, Warwick and Scarborough. The market encompassing QLD real estate for sale and rentals looks promising and you can comfortably find a dream home or investment property here. You just need to contact a real estate agent.

QLD Real Estate Agents

In general, the real estate agents represent sellers and the buyers are represented by real estate lawyers. While each will try to protect the interests of his/her respective client(s), they work towards the same goal, that is to help you buy or sell the house in the most hassle free manner clearing all legal formalities. A sale contract is prepared after satisfactory building inspection, pest inspection or survey to close the deal according to QLD real estate legislation. Before signing the contract, make it sure that you have read it and understood fully all its terms and conditions. Also check if you can fully comply with all its requirements and that the address and description of the property involved are entered correctly. Verify the deposit payment date and see if it is within a few days after signing the contract. The real estate deposit should ideally be kept at 10 per cent, but may vary according to the circumstances and the buyer's paying capacity. If a seller wants to change the purchaser after signing the contract, he/she may do so but the cost of stamp duty will get doubled. The seller must complete a Substantiality Declaration while selling a house. According to the law, a cooling off period of five business days is permitted for a contract of residential property not sold by auction. The Queensland Office of Fair Trading is the apex body for enforcing legislation regarding real estate buy, sale and rent in the state.

QLD Real Estate Commission Calculator

The Queensland State Government has fixed the upper limit of Agent commission. This is 5% of the first %18,000 of sale price and 2.5% of the balance amount. The calculation also includes applicable GST and other taxes. Thus, it sometimes becomes necessary to use a real estate commission calculator in order to get an estimation of what fees your agent is likely to charge for the services he renders. The calculator available online usually asks the purchase price of the property and whether borrowed money is used to buy it. The commission may be different for vacant land, house & land and housing unit or a townhouse. The laws of the state permit a real estate agent to charge a rate of commission that is anything below the set maximum rate.

QLD Real Estate Licence

QLD Real Estate Law requires a real estate agent to obtain an appropriate licence from the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation. The department sets eligibility and other standards for the award of a Certificate of Registration or licence to an applicant. For example, if you are seeking a real estate agent licence for affordable housing, you need to be over 18 years of age, have at least one office in Queensland and have successfully gone through the required training units. The Department offers a licence to only those it considers suitable for the same. The definition of suitability does not include a bankrupt or convicted person, or a person who has ever been disqualified from holding a licence or registration certificate, or has a record in the register of disqualified company directors. Applications should reach the office through a completed PAMD Form 1-1, along with proof of qualifications and certain other documents. The application should also accompany requisite licence fee and the criminal history check fee.

QLD Real Estate Institute

QLD Real Estate Institute or the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) is an association of professional real estate agents working in the state. More than 2000 real estate offices and over 15,000 agents are represented by the organization at present. It offers a statewide platform for the professionals to share their views and proves them valuable resources and lots of learning opportunities. Several courses are run to enable them complete real estate licensing requirements and bring excellence and a very high degree of ethical standard in the work they do. Members can obtain various kinds of forms associated with the job they perform and its real estate shop offers price lists, latest products & news and several other articles. REIQ is the largest provider of real estate training in Queensland and its career courses target a person willing to become a resident letting agent, a business broker, salesperson or an auctioneer. Courses and training programs are offered to help real estate agents and other professionals meet the licensing and registration requirements with the Queensland Office of Fair Trading. There exist other registered training colleges as well in addition to the QLD Real Estate Institute.
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