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Australia Real Estate Agents

Australia Real Estate Agents are professional in attitude and reliable in services. This is because Australian Laws require a Certificate of Registration, under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act for anyone who is willing to perform as a real estate agent. The licence is in fact a prerequisite for all property agents, their sales persons, buyer's agents, business agents, stock & station agents, strata managing agents and on-site residential property managers to render their services in a lawful manner, though there may be a difference in their licenses and licensing requirements.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) of states like NSW, QLD and Victoria should be contacted to obtain an appropriate licence and also to conduct a licence check. For more information visit the Real Estate Institute of your state. The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) is a national association for country's real estate professionals whereas the Real Estate and Business Agents Supervisory Board (REBA) is a regulatory body for the industry in Western Australia (WA).

Real Estate Agent Jobs

The Real estate agents jobs revolve around buying and selling of houses. They also help people rent a home or hire a commercial rental property in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. They contain latest information on market trends and property prices, and offer a guide on profitable real estate investment. Buying and selling of rural real estate and auctions for land or livestock cannot be carried out without the participation of a licensed real estate agent or a stock and station agent in Australia. They are often a source of valuable information on loans if you need more money to buy a home in an Australian state.

Real estate agents work under real estate brokers who manage offices and operate on a larger scale. Today, it is not unusual to find companies having a state or national level presence in Australia. Ray White Real Estate, Century 21, Harcourts, LJ Hooker, First National and Elders are some of the prominent names of Australian real estate. Each company has a network of real estate agents and its reputation depends much on the quality of work rendered by these agents. This is because it is they who spend much of their time outside the office showing houses to potential buyers and collecting information on properties up for sale. Their responsibilities also include helping buyers complete the legal formalities associated with a real estate buy, sale or rent.

Real Estate Agent Marketing

A new real estate agent entering the industry must possess the skills and qualifications to withstand the challenges posed by the unpredictable nature of realty market. As licenses are offered to only those who have completed the real estate agent course, either through classroom study or online classes, it can be assumed that they are well set with the fundamentals of the job responsibilities. Furthermore, real estate agent interview questions are set in a way to bring out the inner qualities and strengths of the candidates. For a person who wants to make a career in real estate, it is important to understand the basic requirements of the industry and see whether they have potential to fulfill the same while on job.

It is often a requirement for the industry professionals to work in a planned manner and make workable strategies for the tasks they are required to finish under stringent work conditions. More often than not their marketing strategies involve things like marketing ideas, marketing plan, marketing tools, tips, materials and slogans. The salaries, perks and earnings of new real estate agents may vary but they usually remain between $500 and $750 a week. The major source of earning is the commission paid by the clients on successful closing of a deal. A person can use an online calculator to know the commission fee chargeable in his/her state of dwelling.

Real Estate Agents in Australia

The growth potential for real estate in Australia is immense owing to the bountiful presence of vast rural land, hinterland real estate, beachfront homes, holiday rental homes, oceanfront houses, waterfront properties everywhere and in all states. A number of large real estate companies consisting of a wide network of local agents have come up in every state with an aim to offer services to local people as well as the visiting buyers. Most of them have ensured their presence online as well, offering detailed listings of properties and several other services through their websites. We have listed here some of the most renowned names along with their contact details. However, if you want to know more about their fees and the commission they charge for different real estate activities and for different areas, you need to go to their websites or contact them personally. Browse our site to get a detailed description of real estate agents state wise and area wise and also get an updated directory for the same.
Domain Real Estate
Search thousands of properties in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Canberra and other parts of the country to locate apartments and houses for sale..

First National Real Estate
Search through the listings of residential properties to find your dream home in locations such as Bendigo, Adelaide, Gold Coast, New Castle and Melbourne. Get quick results beyond your expectation..

LJ Hooker
Since 1928, LJ Hooker has been contributing in the growth of Australia real estate and over the years has acquired a distinctive status among top real estate agents in Australia. Come to this specialist to see your dream come true...


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