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Australia Real Estate Licence

Australia Real Estate Licence can be obtained by the Office of Fair Trading representing your state or territory. The Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 regulates the licensing procedure and makes it mandatory for real estate agents, residential property managers, stock and station agents, and other professionals in the industry to hold an appropriate licence before commencing sales and other realty activities. There are certain eligibility criteria, age limits and educational requirements that you must meet before applying for a license in Australia. The license requirements and hence the courses required to fulfill these may differ across states and territories in Australia.

Real Estate Licence in NSW

It is strongly recommended that you do a licence check before dealing with a real estate agent in Sydney and other parts of the state. The New South Wales Office of Fair Trading maintains a record of all licensed real estate professionals, which can be accessed online as well. To do a certificate of registration check online, you just need to open the relevant page of its website and push the 'Start licence check' button. You can also make a call on 9372 9299 to get further details. A student willing to join the industry should contact the Real Estate Institute of NSW, which offers a wide range of courses to suit a candidate's real estate licensing as well as professional requirements in the state. Depending upon your career goal, you can choose between TAFE certificate and TAFE diploma courses, also offered by some independently owned institutions in Sydney and other urban areas in New South Wales.

Real Estate Licence in QLD

The eligibility requirements for a real estate agent licence (affordable housing) in Queensland include the following:
  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must fulfill the suitability requirements of the licensing agency (that involves issues like bankruptcy, conviction and previous disqualification)
  • You must have an office located in Brisbane, Gold Coast or any other part of Queensland
  • You must have completed the required courses and training schedule from a registered organization.

To fulfill your licence course requirements in QLD, you can use the list of registered training providers given on the website of National Training Information Service. For licence application, complete the PAMD application form and provide testimonials to support your eligibility for the same. Alongside certified photographs are also needed. The licence fee in Queensland is $1060 for one year and $1985 for three years. Along with this, you have to pay separately the criminal history check fee of $35.50.

Real Estate Licence in Victoria

The law of the state requires anyone engaged in any kind of real estate activities in the state to hold an appropriate licence, which could be an agents' representatives or estate agent's licence. The Business Licensing Authority (BLA) provides information regarding licensing requirements for the same and also offers useful information on courses, forms and legislation. Application and annual licence fee for an individual seeking estate agent's registration are $355.70 and $177.80 respectively. For a company the application fee is $616.10 and the annual registration fee is $391.30. For more information you can visit, the website of the Business Licensing Authority or contact by email at If you are interested in becoming a certified real estate agent in Melbourne or an urban area in the state, approach the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) or search the World Wide Web to look for a reputed training course provider.

Keep browsing our website to get more information on real estate licence in WA, SA, ACT, NT and Tasmania. Also find information on aspects like licence renewal, services and online training and courses in Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. Refer the website links given below or search the Internet to seek further information and assistance.
The Office of Fair Trading in NSW
The government body to fulfill the licensing needs of the professionals in New South Wales..

Business Licensing Authority
It is an agency under Victorian Consumer & Business Centre, which provides all relevant information and accepts application as well..

The Real Estate and Business Agents Supervisory Board (REBA)
This is the prime government body in Western Australia (WA) for real estate licensing.


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