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South Australia Real Estate

South Australia real estate market has scaled new heights and the sales prospects look good for the current and upcoming years. According to a REISA market update, there has been an unprecedented price rise for residential properties in some areas and the median house price is now soaring past the $400,000 mark. Moreover, auctions seem to be gaining popularity as a prime selling tool probably because of a greater degree of transparency involved in the process. With a clearance rate nearing 65 per cent, it has now been recognized as the easiest method of buying affordable homes in South Australia. A stable rental market and consistency in price rise have made it affordable for low and middle income groups to buy a home in the state, especially in outer suburbs and country SA.

South Australia Real Estate for Sale

The affordability factor is more in South Australia than in any other state of the country, and this is what driving homebuyers here. A recent price surge in some parts of the state has attracted the attention of investors as well. As a result, we see an increasing pace of activities in the industry comprising South Australia Real Estate for Sale. Apart from Adelaide CBD and inner city suburbs, the areas ranking high in popularity include Ceduna, Peterborough, Auburn, Port Elliot, Corfu, and Salisbury. Investment is expected for properties in Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, York Peninsula and Clare Valley as well. For locating a real estate for sale, contact a real estate agent.

South Australia Real Estate Agents

These real estate agents can guide you through the variety of residential, rental, rural and commercial properties offered by South Australia realty market. The fees and commission charged by them are not regulated by the State government and you have to negotiate well before reaching a justifiable amount. The South Australian government fixes stamp duty charges which depend on the value of the property conveyed. For example, the stamp duty rate for a property valuing not more than $12,000 is $1.00 for every $100 or part of $100. Similarly, there are different rate slabs for different values of the property conveyed and you probably want to use a stamp duty calculator to find these charges correctly. L.T.O Registration fees on Transfers are charged according to the Stamp Duties Act of 1923.

South Australia Real Estate Institute

South Australia Real Estate Institute or the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) offers a wide range of products and services to keep its member agents and general public informed about the developments in real estate industry. Theses include legislation, specialized training programs, training & other resources, access to updated information, research data and industry statistics, playing political role, REISA Forms, Real Estate and Investor Magazine and many more. REISA Information Service is open all week days from 1pm to 4pm and the service can be availed to know anything about South Australia real estate. Moreover, REISA courses and training programs are popular among members and those entering the real estate industry. These are helpful in obtaining an appropriate licence and keep in touch with the developments in the industry. The Office of Consumer and Business Affairs sets rules and eligibility standards for a real estate licence application and approval.
South Australia Real Estate Licence
Real estate agents and companies must be registered under the Land Agents Act 1994. Visit the website of the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA) to obtain more information regarding South Australia Real Estate Licence and Registration application process and the forms and fees associated with the same..

Brock Real Estate
Search real estate for sale in Adelaide City, Metro South, Adelaide Hills and several other places including Corfu, Auburn, Port Elliot, Ceduna and Peterborough. Find rural properties also.

Jock Gilbert Real Estate
A leading agent in South Australia offering real estate for sale in the capital city, its surrounding suburbs and places like Salisbury, Clare Valley, Kangaroo Island, York Peninsula and Fleurieu Peninsula.


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