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Bank of America Account Information

Bank of America Account Information can be obtained online where info pertaining to every type of account, whether it is checking account, Bank of America Credit account, IRA etc is there. For every account, Bank of America account number is given that is there on the bottom of the check and comes after Check Routing Number. BofA account number is of 9-10 digits and also before the check number. With online banking customer can now check his/her account online at any time of the day. The complete information pertaining to account, statement, transactions etc have been provided in the online banking. Along with this account balance can also be checked and thus now the banking with Bank of America is hassle free. While opening any type of account, verification is done. In this customer will also receive verification letter for the account validation.

Bank of America Account Online

You can sign in to the Bank of America online banking service and get the complete picture of your account. With the BofA account, customer also gets eligible to receive bonus. The bonus is given to raise the fund for Little League of your state and city. By getting Bank of America Account bonus you can help your team to certain extent.

In the same manner some of the best banking deals can also be made by setting an account with BofA. In these deals many types of promotions keep going. Like by using credit card of the bank you can earn points that will further help you. Online banking deals also include rewards, bonus, points etc.

Bank of America Account Fees

Bank of America account fees information can also be checked online. For different types of account and transaction fee is imposed. Like if you use ATM card of BofA in some other banks ATM for making of checking transaction then the Bank of America fee will have to be paid. There are certain Banks that are the Global Alliance Partners with Bank of America and these banks do not charge any fee if the transaction is made from there home country.

While banking with this bank, Bank of America Account manager very successfully manages your account. With the account management account balance as well as list of transactions can be checked. Online account management program also helps you to check the statements online.

To further monitor the account customer can also receive reminders or alerts that are the part of service provided by Bank of America Account Manger. To further mange your account at one place you can also use the tool, which is My Portfolio. You can create budget, keep the track of the spending etc. Along with all this Bank of America Account management also helps its customer in managing the credit card. Thus Bank of America account access is very useful for any type of account.

Bank of America Account Closure

Although BofA tries to satisfy each and every customer but then also some of the customers want to close the account. Bank of America account closure can be done by sending a writing request to the Account Closure, FL1-300-02-07, 4209 Gandy Blvd, Tampa, FL-33611.

The letter to close the Bank of America account should be signed by every account holder and info on how to receive the balance should also be mentioned.

More over Bank of America Account info can also be obtained by calling Customer Service center, which is available seven days a week from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (PST). Moreover check the other pages of to get more info on BofA account number, log in, balance and other such features.

Bank of America Account Information Phone Number

You can check your balance by phone as well and for this you can call the customer service number given on your checking statement. You can also call 1.800.622.8731 or browse this link to know more on BofA account and what are the features of account management

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