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Bank of America ATM Card Limit

Bank of America ATM limits allow the customer to withdraw specific amount from the account in a day. For ATM cards, ATM machines are used. Bank of America ATM machines can be found in almost 16,500 different national locations and there are around 12,000 international BofA ATM branches that operate with the other banks in the form of Global ATM Alliance membership. Bank of America ATM cards can be used 24 hours a day, round the week, month and year. With the ATM card account, customer can very conveniently withdraw and deposit money. Once you create an account and apply for the ATM card then Bank of America ATM card activation is done with the PIN number. It is very important not to disclose the PIN number in front of anyone.

To make Bank of America ATM deposits one can use either cash, check or both. The procedure of making the ATM check deposit or cash deposit is very simple. For this first of all insert the ATM card in the machine. Then on the touch select the deposit either by check, cash or both.

After this put check or cash one by one in the slot made on the ATM machine. At the end of the transaction you will receive the Bank of America ATM deposit slip that will give the complete details of the transaction.

Online you can find all the Bank of America ATM locations and branches by putting the required information in the locators. This locator is available in the official website of BofA. Both location map and list of the ATM centers, BofA ATM machines and talking machines can be found online. For this customer can also send an email or call the Bank of America customer service centers to get the required information.

As said earlier that withdrawal of the money can be made internationally from the banks that are associated as Global ATM Alliance in the form of partners. Now the Bank of America ATM partners include the following banks in different countries:
  • Westpac (New Zealand and Australia)
  • Satander Serfin (New Mexico)
  • Deutsche Bank (Germany)
  • Scotiabank (Canada)
  • China Construction Bank (China)
  • Barclays (United Kingdom)
  • BNP Paribas (France)

Bank of America ATM Partners

While traveling internationally, the Global ATM Alliance is very helpful, as customer can use Bank of America ATM card in any of these partner banks.

B of A ATM card, if used in the home country of these banks, wont charge any thing but if it is used in other country then the some additional fee is charged for each transaction. Bank of America ATM charges and rules are revised from time to time so always consult the customer service for any query.

BOA ATM Withdrawal Limit

BofA ATM limit to withdraw money from your account is pre-defined, which means customer can withdraw only specific amount that is prescribed in the Bank of America ATM daily limit. If you want to withdraw more amount than the limit granted, then that can be done directly by visiting the branch of the Bank of America. For any additional help the customer care service center can be contacted. Along with this Bank of America ATM FAQ can be read online that also throw light on the issue of ATM card, deposits, limits and locations etc.

But with so many advantages the BofA ATM cards has other side of the coin too. Not only Bank of America ATM frauds but the frauds related to the whole ATMs are also increasing at alarmingly high speed. Such frauds include skimming of the account through ATM machines after which thefts are made. Thieves very cleverly steel the magnetic code on the ATM card with the help of hidden device and also capture the PIN with the help of Pinhole camera. With this detail a duplicate card is made, which can then be used at other ATM machines to withdraw money from your account. So every customer should be aware of these ATM frauds and lively attentiveness should be given while making any transaction with the Bank of America ATM card. Moreover online is also the worth source that act as Bank of America ATM finder. You can search for branches and information related to fraud. For more info on the Bank of America ATM card limits, design, activation, BofA ATM locations etc keep flipping the pages of
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