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Bank of America ATM

Bank of America ATM allows you to withdraw or deposit your money safely and conveniently. You can make balance inquiries and transfer your funds instantly using the ATM facilities provided by the bank. Moreover, you need not pay anything extra as long as you use BOA ATM machines for most of these services. However, a fee of $2.00 is chargeable if you use ATMs at other banks or financial institutions for withdrawals, deposits, payments, transfers and balance inquiries. You may also require to pay extra fees for transactions like excess withdrawal from a Bank of America ATM.

To use Bank of America ATM, you need to insert the ATM card in the machine and enter the PIN supplied by the bank. Once you enter the PIN, a Select Transaction screen appears that lets you select the kind of transaction you like to do. The screen also allows you to set your preferences according to your convenience, such as language, receipt and Fast Cash preferences. At limited ATMs, you are also allowed to change your PIN by selecting Other Options at the screen. For safe banking It is very important to keep your ATM card at safe locations and make it a habit to change your PIN quite frequently. You must not reveal the same to anybody at any cost.

Bank of America ATM Deposit

A deposit made before 8 pm on a business day at a Bank of America ATM is credited the same day. Deposits made after this time will get credited the second business day. Bank of America ATM Deposit helps you avoid long teller lines and save your precious time. Moreover, It is available round the clock and throughout the year allowing you to do your banking at your own convenient time. Furthermore, there are Deposit Image ATMs that gives additional security to the money you deposit at the bank either through cash or checks. At Deposit Image ATMs you do not require traditional envelops or deposit slips with an addded facility to get check images or cash summaries printed on the receipt.

Bank of America ATM Limit

The ATM withdrawal limit from a Bank of America ATM depends on the type of your account and also the availability of funds in it. For most cases, the maximum bills you can withdraw at one time is 40. To withdraw more than the predefined maximum limits, you need to visit a BOA branch or pay an excess withdrawal fee. To know about the rules regarding maximum withdrawal limit from BOFA ATM, you can get additional help from customer care service.

Bank of America ATM Locations

There are more than 18,000 Bank of America ATMs spread throughout the United States. Not only in the country itself, you can find BOFA ATMs at international locations as well. There are as many as 12,000 international ATMs that can be found at various locations in Europe, Australia and other continents of the world. At its official website, you can find BOA ATM finder or locator where you can get the exact location of the ATM nearest to you by just clicking on the map. You can also make a search of ATM locations by entering an address, city and state, ZIP code or a landmark.

For problems and their instant solutions, contact Bank of America ATM Customer Service at 1.800.848.6090 within the US.

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