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Bank of America Business Credit Card

Bank of America Business Credit Card is used in number of ways by businessman. With BofA business credit card one can transfer the balance, increase the line of credit, add new cardholder in the list of previous and get the convenience check through the credit card. With the increasing number of cardholder, the Bank of America business money market is also expanding. It is now covering wide range of companies from small to very big corporate office. Getting card is one thing, but the bank is also helping the customer by giving business loans that are then used to expand the company. The repayment method for the same is easy and according to the capacity of the loan taker. Information regarding Bank of America business loan and that too state wise is available in the website. The business banking advantages are many and these comes in the form of products and services that include few of the following things:
  • Credit Card
  • Checking Account
  • Lending
  • Healthcare Practice loans
With the business banking development and services, one can expand the business by getting finance. One can also get business rewards, promotional code, certificates, travel gifts etc with Bank of America business accounts.

Now if the customer is using the Bank of America Business online banking then s/he can very easily manage the card. In this all the transactions can be managed in the minute of time. Then there is a tool called QuickBook that is used to manage bank of America cards.

While applying for Bank of America credit card one needs to provide certain specific information that will include cardholders, company and you. Besides this Social Security Number of cardholders and that of authorized signer will have to be provided. Along with this Bank also requires Legal name of the business, street address, business gross annual sale, tax ID of the business and net profit of the business during last fiscal year.

Bank of America presents range of business cards. These are:
  • Platinum Visa Card
  • US Airways Visa Card
  • WorldPoints Rewards for Business MasterCard Card
  • NFIB Platinum Plus for Business MasterCard
  • WorldPoints Rewards for Business Visa Card
  • Alaska Airlines Visa Card
  • QuickBooks Platinum Plus for Business Master card
  • Platinum Plus for Business MasterCard

Bank of America Business Credit Card Online

Business plan for different bank of America cards can be checked online. Along with this information regarding fee, card services, capital, search solutions, timings, limits etc has also been provided online. To receive a business credit card it generally takes 7-10 business days after applying for the same. For any type of BofA business card, online you can check the information. Terms and condition for each card vary so must be read carefully. There are many promotional code and rewards associated with different cards, which is an additional feature to the other services. Bank of America business online banking services are very well-liked. Small business online communities can be checked in which discussions on various BofA business online banking have be done.

So will the constant efforts of Bank of America Business Accounts, credit cards, loan, economy and the services of rewards and promotion the small businesses have been benefited a lot. has also given the informative links that can be browsed to get more info on BofA business checking account, cards etc.

Phone Number of Commercial Card Customer Service # 1-888-449-2273

Address for sending payment for Platinum Visa Card
Bank of America Business Credit Card
PO Box # 15710
Wilmington, DE 19886-5710

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