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Bank of America Debit Card

Bank of America Debit Card is given to the customer who has saving or current account with the bank. Debit card can be used at the ATMs across the nation and world to withdraw money, to inquire about balance, for mini statements etc. Moreover Bank of America debit card can also be used for shopping and in this money directly from you account is deducted. For Bank of America debit card activation, customer needs a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which is given by the bank. Then this PIN is used with the card at any ATM and this process will activate the card.

Debit cards are different from credit cards, as in credit cards the bill of your purchase is send to you with certain amount of charges but in this case no separate bill comes as the deduction is made directly from the account. But you can get the details of the same in the monthly statement.

Bank of America Debit Card Customer Service

Bank of America debit card fee is charged if this card is used in other ATMs than BofA. The details of the fee can be checked with the customer service center or online. Along with all this also keep the security of your card intact by not disclosing the debit card PIN to anyone.

Information regarding Bank of America debit card stolen should be immediately given to the customer service center, as the stolen card can be used by unwanted elements that can cause damage to your account balance. All the national debit card stolen queries are reported to 1-800-848-6090. Whereas call customer care center by putting 800 international access code of your country if you want to report for international or overseas location for the debit card lost report. Also contact the Bank of America debit card customer service center in case you see any error in the transaction.

Bank of America Debit Card Rewards

Bank of America debit card rewards include Keep the Change, US Airways Visa Check Card and Alaska Airlines Visa Check Card. Under keep the change reward program on every purchase with the help of your debit card the amount is round off to the nearest dollar amount and the difference is then transfer to the saving account from checking account.

The amount of the whole reward is paid at the end of the year directly to your savings account. Under US Airways Visa Check Card reward customer can earn a mile on every $2 purchase. There are many options that are available with debit card that can be availed. Information regarding the same can be taken by calling customer care service centers or support that is meant for the queries related to Bank of America debit cards. Along with the 24 hours online chat can also be done with the customer support executive.

Bank of America Debit Card Limit

Bank of America debit card limit is defined and in a day, money more than the limit cannot be withdrawn from the ATM. For more money withdrawal customer can visit the branch nearby and get the job done.

Bank of America Hello Kitty Debit Cards

Bank of America Hello Kitty debit cards are also very in these days. For hello kitty debit card have My Expressions Account or the current account can be converted to My Expressions Account to get the cutest Bank of America Hello Kitty debit card. The account transformation is free of cost and does not take more than five minutes. Along with this Hello Kitty Platinum cards are also available. The picture of kitty of this card is the most attracting thing. Bank of America debit card for minors are also issued.

Bank of America Debit Card Protection

Bank of America debit card protection is provided in the form of Total Security Protection. In the Total Security Protection if your card is stolen or lost then reimbursement of the amount lost can be made. But this can be made is the report of the stolen debit card is filed within 60 days of the statement date. Under debit card protection guaranteed credit, fraud monitoring, online protection etc is also covered.

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