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Bank of America Exchange Rates

Bank of America Exchange Rates are updated on a daily basis and to view the latest rates you need to visit the relevant page of BOA's official website. At the website, you can check the current exchange rates for the country you are interested in as well as order foreign currency and travelers cheques online besides taking advantage of various tools and services available there.

The order for foreign currency and travelers cheques can be made through three simple steps using Bank of America online banking services. In the first step you select a foreign currency along with the amount you want in exchange and then enter the delivery and billing details in the following step to complete the order. You can review your order details in the third step and make changes if needed. Moreover, you can know the amount you need for your foreign trip in the currency of the country you are planning to visit by using an exchange rate calculator or just by looking at the comparison charts provided by Bank of America.

Bank of America Exchange Rate Calculator

To use a conversion calculator you just need to enter the amount in whole numbers and the result will be shown to you either in US dollars or foreign currency depending upon your choice. It is to be noted here that a different exchange rate may apply when you choose to convert foreign currency into US dollars. The exchange rates shown here may also differ from what you get through international draft and wire services. You can get a complete understanding of why it is so by visiting the website of Bank of America.

Bank of America Exchange Rate Fee

If you are shopping online for BOA foreign currency then there is no requirement of paying an exchange rate fee. You can avail this benefit if your order is equal to or more than $1000. But for an order less than this amount, there exists a Bank of America exchange rate fee which is $7.50. The bank has also defined the maximum and minimum amounts that you can get exchanged in a foreign currency which are $5000 and $100 respectively. Also a confirmation number is required while ordering foreign currency having a value more than $1000.

Bank of America foreign currency services are available even to those who do not have an account with the bank. For that you need to have Master Card or Visa Card. Moreover, a customer with accounts like FirstChoice Gold, Prima and Advantage is exempted from paying anything extra for travelers cheques and foreign currency orders. However, a 2 percent fee is charged for all American Express Travelers Cheque and US Dollars.

Bank of America Exchange Rates for some of the major foreign currencies are listed here.

Great Britain Pound Sterling (GBP)    USD 1.75
Australian Dollar (AUD)    USD 0.98
Euro (EUR)    USD 1.57
Canadian Dollar (CAD)    USD 0.99

For updated information and to see exchange rates for other countries as well, use the resources provided below:


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