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Bank of America Foreign Currency Exchange

Bank of America Foreign Currency and transaction services comes under the category of special services that are offered by the bank with very promising exchange rate. Anyone even who does not have account with BofA can get Bank of America foreign currency and travelers cheques but for this it is necessary to have MasterCard or Visa Card. These travelers cheque and foreign currency is very useful when you are going on some foreign trip and you need the currency of that country for making certain payments. Thus Bank of America foreign currency service gives you the needed things in advance.

Bank of America Foreign Currency Exchange Fee

If you purchase BofA foreign currency online then there is no fee associated with the conversion. But for all America Express Travelers Cheque and US Dollars there exists 2% service charge. On the other hand, customer with FirstChoice Gold account, Advantage and Prima accounts need not to give an extra charge for the travelers cheque order. Along with this the delivery for orders that are of $1,000 or more than that is free of cost.

But for the order whose price is less than $1,000, Bank of America will charge $7.50. The minimum amount that can be ordered as foreign currency exchange cannot be less than $100 and it cannot exceed $5,000. In the foreign currency transaction no coins are offered by the bank. While making an order, which is more than $1,000, you need a confirmation number that is given by the bank.

Orders for the Bank of America foreign currency transaction cannot be placed over the phone. For this one has to call the Foreign Currency representative who can then assist you in making online foreign currency orders. BofA foreign currency orders are the safest and the bank fully follows the Online Practices Privacy Policy for the same. These policies can be read online.

Bank of America foreign currency orders if made before 2:00 PM then these are shipped on the same day but if made after this time then these are shipped the nest business day. The foreign currency order generally takes 1-3 business days to reach. But if you do not receive the Bank of America foreign currency order within the stipulated time period then you can call the customer care representative or can reach them by e-mail. With the order you will also get complete instruction on what to do if your travelers cheque or foreign currency is lost.

Bank of America Foreign Currency Rates

Bank of America foreign currency rates are very competitive. But customer will find the difference in the rate that appears in the newspaper. The reason for this is, those foreign currency rates that are printed in the newspapers are wholesale rates and the rate which is given by the bank are retail rates. It is the market condition that decides the Bank of America foreign currency rate. Even foreign currency exchange rates for banks, which make large transaction are different from rates for retail transactions. The currency rates are updated daily and fluctuate with the changes in the economic market.

But you will be given currency on the exchange rate that has been at the time of accepting your order.

Some customers also use ATM cards at Bank of America foreign ATM but there exist a separate fee for making the transaction from these ATMs. You can call customer care service center get info on Bank of America foreign currency exchange, rates, transaction fees etc from Monday to Friday between 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM (PST) and on Saturday from 6:00 AM to 2: PM (PST). For more information on Bank of America foreign currency exchange rate, transaction fee and BofA foreign currency order keep visiting the pages of

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