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Bank of America Mortgage Department

Bank of America Mortgage Department helps its customer with home loans, line of credit, home buying and also listen to the complaints regarding redundant services pertaining to mortgages in the country. Bank of America branches are spread through out the nation to serve the every possible home loan seekers for buying the perfect home. All types of mortgages such as refinance, home equity loans, lines of credit, reverse mortgage etc can be availed from the BofA mortgage center. Other finance companies, mortgage company and financial institutions have merged with Bank of America to make this dept a big lending institution.

Online customer can find out mortgage offices and branches by using the service of an office locator. Here the search for the office or branch can be done by filling the name of the state, city or zip code. Then after this the mortgage office can be contacted to get the information on type of home loans and how to get pre-qualify and the complete procedure of applying for such loans. Bank of America mortgage services also helps in selling the existing home or in finding real estate agent or broker who is affiliated with BofA.

Bank of America Mortgage Department: Facilities

Bank of America mortgage department/dept also has the facility of online checking of the account where current interest rate, payment due date and amount for the mortgage payment can be checked. Along with this customer can also access information pertaining to interest rate, tax and activity regarding mortgage for the previous 24 months. Along with this many types of calculators such as mortgage insurance, payment, calculator on total payment etc are available online that can be checked very conveniently.

To apply for the loan complete mailing address, contact information along with employment history and present employment status is provided, which is kept confidential for further inquiry. Thus Bank of America mortgage department is a full fledge service provider and till date has helped many of the home loan seekers. For more information on loan services you can contact the bank. Address, mortgage payment ph number, customer care center number has been given by

Bank of America Mortgage Insurance Department

Bank of America mortgage insurance department provides you an online calculator to help you get an estimation of the insurance amount you would have to pay along with your monthly payment. Calculate estimates for private mortgage insurance (PMI) by changing values for a down payment as long as it is below 20% of the appraisal value of your home and choose your best option. A down payment over this amount does not require you to pay for mortgage insurance.

In fact, mortgage insurance is needed by most lenders only when the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is more than 80%. It is possible that the ratio may reduce during the tenure of a mortgage loan owing to factors like diminishing loan principal and the increasing home values. If the ratio becomes equal to or less than 80 percent, you may have to pay for the increase in the values of your property. The Homeowner's Protection Act of 1998 allows you to seek a cancellation of mortgage insurance from your lender when the loan-to-value ratio reaches 22%.

Bank of America Mortgage Department Contact Details

BofA Contact information
100 N Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC-28255

Bank of America Mortgage Customer Care Center: 888-293-0264
Bank of America Mortgage Payment Inquiry Ph # 800-285-6000

Loan Servicing Department Phone Number: 1-800-763-1255
Bank of America Mortgage Office Locator website:
Bank of America Mortgage
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