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Bank of America Mortgage Loans

Bank of America Mortgage Loans is the lending hand that is given to the customer for buying a home. Prequalification for Bank of America mortgage loans can be done online by filling out the detailed form. The whole process of mortgage prequalification takes just 10 minutes. But if the customer is unable to use online BofA mortgage prequalification service then s/he can call Bank of America loan specialist.

Then there is the facility of Bank of America mortgage calculator that can be used to make estimates on loan amount and interest rate. With the help of mortgage calculator, mortgage payment can be calculated. Like loan, BofA mortgage calculator is of many kinds and these calculators are there to get complete picture of total loan amount and monthly payment.

Bank of America Mortgage Loan Programs

The following Bank of America mortgage loan programs are very popular. These are
  • Interest only mortgage
  • 30-year fixed rate mortgage
  • 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage
Under the category of interest only mortgage, only the payment of interest rate for the first 3-10 years is done. During this period the amount of payment and mortgage interest rate do not vary. 30 year fixed rate mortgage of Bank of America is also very popular in which the rate fixed at the time of giving loan remains the same through out the payment. In 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage, the interest rate remains the same for the initial five year after which it is revised for the loan amount.

Now with Bank of America mortgage refinance can also be done that has low closing cost and available with award winning online banking.

Besides this BofA mortgage rates are very affordable for refinance loans. Customer can at any point seek the advice of the specialists that are also called loan officers. They on the basis of prequalification and other related things can tell you the amount of loan you should take and the type of BofA mortgage loan that can be handled by you comfortably. Also Bank of America has authorized brokers that can be contacted for the same.

Bank of America Mortgage Loans for Doctors

Bank of America doctor loan is also available for the professionals in the medical line. After getting doctor loan, customer becomes the Premier Member of the bank and in this other services are also provided. Bank of America home equity loans are also number one, as these have no fee or closing costs. Besides this loan amount can be received three days after the closing date. Along with this customer can also find reverse mortgage and other types of loan programs with BofA.

Bank of America interest rates can be compared for different kinds of loan and loan amount. This can be done online in the official website of BofA. Along with this, loan officers at the Bank of America customer service centers can be contacted to get detailed information on the same.

To compare different Bank of America mortgages this link can be checked:

Bank of America Loan Officers Number: 888-293-0264
Bank of America Mortgage
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