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Bank of America Online Banking

Bank of America Online Banking has wondrously changed the whole scenario of bill payment, money transference and monitoring your account etc. All the facilities that earlier were dependent on mail and paper work, can now be easily done with the help of online banking offered by Bank of America. It is the safest and handy way of doing the banking these days. All the features of online banking wont cost you anything, as these are totally free.

Bank of America Online Banking Sign In

Bank of America banking services are secured by security features like SafePass and SiteKey. Once you sign in for this attribute you can immediately start using the features of BofA online banking. To log in you must enter the online ID in the sign in box on the Homepage. Along with this check your SiteKey and enter the password. To begin with Bank of America online banking one needs to have Check Card, Credit Card or Bank of America ATM. Enrollment for the same can also be done by calling the customer services associates, if one does not have the ATM card.

By using the facility of Bank of America online banking you can do numerous things. Some of these are mentioned here:
  • Online bill payment can be be made in most of the cases
  • Life of investment history, loan history, mortgage history for the 24 months can be checked with online banking
  • Fund transference
  • Most of the accounts such as saving, line of credits, personal loan, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Certificates of Deposits (CD) etc can be checked to find out current balances.
  • Various transactions with Bank of America for checking and saving accounts can be checked online for the previous twelve statements Online banking also allow the customer service requests to inquire about particular transaction, for technical question and feedback.

Bank of America Online Banking Alert

Bank of America online banking alerts are also delivered. These alerts can be activated and can be accessed through email or as a text message on to your phone. BofA online banking alerts for balance, insufficient funds, deductions, payment etc can be obtained. There are two kinds of Alerts:
  • Automatic Alerts
  • Voluntary Alerts
Automatic alerts are sent when any change regarding log in ID, passcode, phone number or address is made and these are automatically generated. Whereas voluntary alerts need personal activation and these are concerning to information pertaining to the account. Bank of America online banking alerts are sent whenever customer has low account balance, for any type of online transaction, on credit card usage etc. These alerts are very helpful in managing and getting on time information regarding your account.

Bank of America: Online Banking Services

Another feature of BofA that is getting hot is the facility of management of credit cards online. This online facility save lots of time and money. Bank of America online banking credit card can be used to make payments. For using BofA online banking service make sure to go through the Service Agreement that contain all the necessary information. Along with this you can contact the customer service associates to get information on any query related to online banking.

You can also open online Bank of America online checking account. Funding of this account can be done online, personally or through mail. To create an online checking account, phone number, email address, online banking ID and password, Social Security Number, home address, credit card or bank account number are required.

Another important thing regarding online banking is Bank of America Online CD (Certificate of Deposit). CD rates vary with the state and for Georgia these rates have been found all time low by BofA. Bank of America CD special offers are also made in which the offer is made for few months and huge profit can be made from this.

All the aspects of Bank of America online banking, online alerts, online checking and account info are very helpful in managing the account and expenses. For more info you can also log on to the official website of Bank of America.

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