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Bank of America Refinance

Bank of America Refinance works like magic-stick in difficult situations of foreclosure, non-payment of home loan, higher monthly payment etc. Bank of America refinance is the way of replacing your present mortgage with new home loan at better interest rate so that your monthly payment get reduced to certain extent. But before taking BofA refinance mortgage, it is very important to judge the present financial condition, interest rate, remaining amount of the first loan and terms of refinancing.

Prior to refinancing, make sure that for the last six months, the home has not faced any sale. Along with this check the home equity amount. Go for refinancing when you have minimum of 10% equity. If you have less equity than 10% then certain amount will go into building up equity. Before taking Bank of America refinance loan make sure that last 12 monthly payments of home loan are regular and made on time. Along with other things also check your credit score and remove all the negatives associated with this. Try to improve your credit score if you have bad credit rating otherwise either you will be offered loan at high interest rate or refused to take any refinancing.

Bank of America Refinance Mortgage

The first and foremost reason of taking refinance loan is to reduce the monthly mortgage payment. Another reason of taking Bank of America refinance mortgage is that you want to pay off your credit card bills. Here you should have equity balance that should be more than remaining balance. That extra cash can be used to refinance loan. Along with other options, with refinance loan, two loans can be consolidated under one loan. It can also be taken to stop the payment of PMI. For this, check the appraised value of your home and if the remaining balance is below 80% of that then take the Bank of America refinance mortgage to stop the PMI. BofA refinance mortgage, like other refinance loan, can be taken when the interest rate in the market are low as compare to what you are giving with first mortgage.

To check whether you pre-qualify for Bank of America refinance mortgage or not you can visit the official website. The whole process can be completed within few minutes and for this you need to fill up the complete form, which is then submitted. Approval for Bank of America refinance mortgage is sent to you within no time. After this you will be contacted by the specialist from refinance who will present the options and once you have made your mind the rate will be locked for you.

If you have taken first home mortgage from the Bank other than Bank of America then you need to get an appraisal, which is not required if you are the customer of BofA. The payment of Bank of America refinance mortgage is also very simple as it can be done online. Recurring payment option can be activated so that automatic payment can be made from your account every month. For further details on BofA refinance keep checking the pages of

Bank of America Refinance Pre-qualification

Check whether you prequalify for Bank of America refinance mortgage or not in the given link.


Bank of America Refinance Calculator

With Bank of America refinance calculator, check the interest rate based on location, property type, home value, current mortgage balance etc.


Contact Number for BofA Refinance Specialist: 888-293-0264
Mon-Fri from 8am-11pm ET
Sat from 9am-5pm ET
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