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Bank of America Routing Number

Bank of America Routing Number or Routing Transit Number or ABA routing number is present at the bottom of the check or any negotiable instrument and is of nine digits. ABA which is a reference to American Bankers Association is the apex body that assigns routing numbers to financial institutions in order to identify the one where a payment is drawn. BofA routing numbers are first nine digits that appear before the account number and check number. In most of the cases for Bank of America there are following types of number:
  • Bank of America's check routing number
  • ACH Routing Number
  • Wire Transfer ABA numbers

How do I know my Routing Number for Bank of America

These numbers tend to differ with the state and type of account. Like for direct deposit Bank of America ACH routing number is required. In some states only one number is required but some states need set of routing numbers. If you are an account holder with online banking facility enabled; you can sign in to your Account Details page and click on the Show Routing Numbers link present there. Select the state where your account is and the type of transaction from the dropdown menu to know the correct BoA routing number.

The facility to check routing numbers online is not available for the residents of Florida, Missouri, Texas and Illinois. The BofA customers of these states and also those who do not have access to online banking can call customer service to know their Bank of America routing number. The phone number to contact customer care is 1-800-432-1000, which is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 pm and from 8 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Like this every account, such as saving account, checking account, direct deposit, automatic payment etc and state has different requirement of BofA routing no. Along with this Automated Clearing House also uses Bank of America routing number for direct deposits. For more information on the type of BofA routing numbers the nearest customer care centre can be contacted or call the number that is there on your statement.

Bank of America Routing Number List

Bank of America routing number or ABA number depends upon the state where customer has opened an account. Like Bank of America Routing number (ABA) Northern California for ordering checks is 121000358. Wire transfer number for CA is 026009593. For Florida East ABA ordering Check: 063000047, ACH (Automatic Payment/Direct Deposit) number: 063100277 and Wire Transfer Number is 026009593.

Like this Texas, Georgia, Washington, Maryland etc has there own set of BofA routing no. Bank of America routing no check up and search can be done online in the official website where each state has been discussed in detail. has also given the web link which can be browsed to find out Bank of America Routing Number in your state.

Bank of America Routing Number by Phone: 1-800-432-1000

Bank of America Military Routing Number: 1-800-334-1920


Bank of America Routing Numbers

States Ordering Checks Direct Deposit Wire Transfer
Northern California 121000358 121000358 026009593
Southern California 122000661 121000358 026009593
Illinois   081904808 026009593
Eastern Florida 063000047 063100277 026009593
Western Florida 063100277 063100277 026009593
Georgia 061000052 061000052 026009593
Maryland 052001633 052001633 026009593
Nevada 122400724 122400724 026009593
Northern Texas 111000025 111000025 026009593
Southern Texas 113000023 111000025 026009593
Washington 125000024 125000024 026009593
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