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Bank of America Student Loan

Bank of America student loan is one of the best ways to meet all the expenses related to your college and university education. These student loans are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the students who have a passion for higher studies but who unfortunately do not have the essential finance. A wide range of loan programs are offered to potential students dreaming to pursue higher studies. Students are free to utilize these loans offered by bank of America in a number of education related purpose including, college tuition fees, hostel charges, travel fees, buying books, paying library fees and many other expenses.

Bank of America Student Loan Application

If you are a student looking to carry on your further studies then bank of America student loan is what you need. On the other hand, there are many types of student loan programs offered by bank to different type of students. It is recommended that you should have a proper understanding of the program which you are going to apply in order to prevent future inconvenience. Bank of America provides some federal student loans like Stafford Loan, PLUS loan, Graduate PLUS loan and consolidation loans. These types of loans have some kind of affiliation with the government and they may be guaranteed, fixed rate or subsidized depending on each loan type.

Stafford is one of the most popular federal loans which is provided to graduate, undergraduate and medical professional students who are searching for low-cost loans. Stafford student loans are of two types namely subsidized and unsubsidized and they can be availed depending on your financial status. However, in order to qualify for Stafford loans, you are required to be a citizen or a permanent resident of U.S. Making an application for such loans has become quite hassle free with the introduction of the Internet. Today, students could just visit the official website of the bank in order to get all the instructions and information for making an online application.

Bank of America provide an online application form on their website that you will have to fill up with your correct personal, financial and educational details when you apply for a student loan. The rates for these loans are usually determined by the financial ability and the credit worthiness of the students applying for them. However, unlike mortgage loans or auto loans, student loan rates are comparatively lower and they can be deferred for a considerable period of time.

Bank of America Student Loan Lender Code

One of the most important benefits of these student loans is the various modes of repayment that you can make. The repayment can be made after the completion of your education or after 6 months since the end of your course. Moreover, with the availability of loan deferment process, it becomes very convenient for you to make your loan repayment in time. A loan deferment is an agreement made between you and your lender to postpone your repayment for a certain time period. Student loan deferment will definitely help you when you are facing some financial crisis due to unemployment after the completion of your studies. It is very important for you to find out lender code of the bank if you want to avail a good loan term for your higher studies. Lender codes are provided on the official website of the bank and you could visit it to locate them.
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