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Coldwell Banker Home Warranty

Coldwell Banker Home Warranty is the way of protection that is sought by every home buyer and seller. The home protection reduces the headache of repair and maintenance of appliances and equipments. For the functioning, home warranty company such as Coldwell Banker has contacts with the service providers. In case your appliance under protection or coverage breaks down, you can call the Coldwell Banker. The banker will then fix the appointment with the service provider, who in turn will help in doing the required repairs. The payment for the same, except for the trade service fee, is made by the Coldwell Banker but it also depends upon the coverage of the contract.

Coldwell Banker Protection Plan

The home warranty by Coldwell banker comes in the form of protection plans. There are many items which are covered under Coldwell Banker home warranty. These include heating system, air conditioner, plumbing system, water heater, dishwasher, garbage disposal, electric system, built-in-microwave, range, oven, cooktop, kitchen refrigerator, trash compactor, ceiling, exhaust fans and ductwork.

Coverage Under Coldwell Banker Home Warranty plan

The items selected under Coldwell Banker home warranty for buyers and sellers are different. Like buyers can have heating system under home protection coverage but sellers cannot have these. For buyers, all the listed items are covered by Coldwell Banker home protection plan, but sellers do not have air conditioner, cooler, septic system, and ductwork in this coverage.

Along with these general coverage, buyers can also purchase certain optional coverage items. These items can be purchased after paying extra amount in the Coldwell Banker Home Warranty. This include washer/dryer package, well pump, swimming pool, spa equipment, ice maker, freezer and additional refrigerator.

Online you can also request for home warranty info. In this you can write the message, check the area of interest and fill the complete contact information. You will be contacted and given the required assistance. Along with this you can also talk to the customer service representatives who is available 24 hours a day and the entire week. For further assistance in selecting the plan contact Coldwell Banker residential broker.

So Coldwell Banker Home Warranty programs are very helpful and let you live a tension free life.
Coldwell Banker home warranty items
You can check the list of items that are covered in Coldwell Banker home protection plan for buyers and sellers.


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