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Fannie Mae Bonds

Fannie Mae bonds are debt securities in which authorized issuer owes a debt and according to the terms of the bond, pays the interest and the principal amount at a later date with the maturity of the term. A bond may be defined as a formal contract made between the issuer and the holder to repay the money together with the interest at fixed time intervals. It is quite similar with a loan term and the issuers can be considered as the borrowers and the holders as the lenders or the creditors. Fannie Mae bond rates are quite affordable and it provide the borrowers with external funds that they could use to finance long-term investments.

Fannie Mae Bond Quotes

Fannie Mae bond quotes are quite different from certificates of deposits or commercial papers, which are usually considered to be money market instruments. The bonds of the corporation must be repaid at regular intervals over the set time period. Stocks and Bonds are both debt securities however, the main difference between them is that the stockholders have equity stake in the company whereas bondholders have their credit stake. In other words, stockholders are owners while bondholders are lenders.

Fannie Mae Bonds Guaranteed

Almost all Fannie Mae Bonds guaranteed an amount that is above $1,000. On the other hand, there are certain factors that determines the price of the bond of the holders. Some common factors that affects the price of the bonds are;
  • basic present value calculations
  • supply and demand factors, and
  • default risk

Fannie Mae Bond Holder

As Fannie Mae bond holders have explicit government backing, they have less default risk factor. Today, with the collapse of the governmental agencies that once dominated the mortgage market, bond holders are wondering whether the bonds issued by financing giants like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are safe or not. On the other hand, many financial experts have suggested that the bonds offered these two government sponsored enterprises are completely safe and sound. The also admitted that the bond holders will surely get their interest payments together with the return of their principal if they hold their bond terms till the maturity period.
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