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Fannie Mae Foreclosures

Fannie Mae is a leading corporation that aims to make homeownership more affordable for all the Americans. The company acts as a lending organization and they are supported by the federal government. If you are looking to buy a home then Fannie Mae foreclosures and financing programs can be the right things to start with. As it is a lending institution, Fannie Mae also deal with borrowers and homeowners who are unable to make the repayment of their mortgage loan. In other words, the organization is also a good place to find discounted foreclosure homes.

Fannie Mae Foreclosure Listings

Fannie Mae purchase distressed properties and resells them to potential buyers at reduced prices as Fannie Mae Foreclosed homes. These foreclosure homes are the best option for first time home buyers who cannot afford to buy traditional real estate properties. Fannie Mae foreclosure listings can be easily found by making some simple research on the Internet. You can also visit the official website of the corporation and get all the details relating to the foreclosed properties.

Fannie Mae Foreclosure Help

By offering low cost with their foreclosed properties, Fannie Mae helps the low income communities to get their homes. Being a lending institution, the corporation deal with numerous homeowners who cannot repay their loan amount. In such circumstances, the organization take over the ownership of the homes and later resell it to make up the lost on the loan amount. Fannie Mae also offer many guidelines and assistance programs for the homeowners to prevent foreclosure of the their homes. The organization also provide a number of prevention tips for the homeowners facing financial hardship in making their loan repayment.

Fannie Mae Foreclosure Moratorium

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has released a moratorium requesting mortgage services to stop foreclosure sales of owner-occupied homes. This moratorium provided by the two corporation is estimated to have helped over 16,000 homeowners who wouls otherwise have lost their homes on foreclosures. Both the companies also predicts that the moratorium will provide adequate time to the mortgage servicers to change the loan terms that are delinquent at present.
At, you can find a wide number of foreclosed homes from Fannie Mae in all the regions of the United States. You can also see the pictures of the foreclosure homes available for sale.

Bank Foreclosures Sale
Bank Foreclosures Sale is one of the reliable places where you can find a number of bank foreclosed homes in several parts of the US. They also offer foreclosed properties from Fannie Mae.

Fox 8
Fox 8 provide some of the most reliable Fannie Mae foreclosures prevention tips for the homeowners facing difficulties in making their loan repayments. Log on to the website of the company to get more information on their services.


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