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Fannie Mae Form

Fannie Mae form is available in a number of varieties and they are meant for different purpose. If you are looking to avail a mortgage program insured by Fannie Mae then you are required to use the Fannie Mae mortgage forms that are specially made for used while making mortgage application. On the other hand, buyers and investors can use Fannie Mae reo forms if they are thinking to purchase some reo properties from the mortgage corporation. These selling and servicing guide forms can be easily availed from the official website of Fannie Mae and they can be downloaded without paying any charges.

Fannie Mae Forms

There is a huge editions of Fannie Mae forms which the customers could use while making any deal or getting services from the company. One of the latest editions is the Fannie Mae modification form which is also known as home affordable modification program hardship affidavit. This form is revised in April 2009 in order to include a section requesting government monitoring information. This form can be downloaded from the official website of Fannie Mae and it should be printed on letter size paper using portrait format. The following are some of the Fannie Mae forms that are commonly used by most of the customers.

Fannie Mae Form 1003

Uniform residential loan application form or Fannie Mae form 1003 is used by the lenders to record the detailed financial information for an applicant who applies for conventional one-to-four mortgage. This form is available in electronic format that can be printed with letter size document. Lenders may also print this form as legal size document.

Fannie Mae Form 1021

This Fannie Mae form is used by servicers to provide eligible borrowers with affordable monthly payments under the Home Affordable Modification Program. It is the responsibility of the servicers to provide this form to the borrowers according to the instructions provide by the corporation.

Form 1020

A servicer can use Fannie Mae form 1020 also known as the Borrower's Financial Statement to obtain vital financial information of a delinquent borrower to determine whether he or she is eligible for loss mitigation alternative. This form can also be used to receive financial information for those borrowers who do not owes Fannie Mae mortgages.

Form 1084

Fannie Mae form 1084 or Cash Flow Analysis is used by lenders to summarize the income information which are obtained from federal income tax returns of the borrowers. It is further used to calculate the average monthly income that is going to be used in qualifying the borrower. Other than the types of forms mentioned above there are many Fannie Mae forms that are used for certain activities and some of them are form 1005, form 1026, 1030 and form 1008. Customers can download all the Fannie Mae forms from the websites mentioned below.
At, you will be able to find all the editions of Fannie Mae Forms issued by the mortgage corporation. Visit the website to download the form that you require.

Appraisers Coalition of Washington
Appraisers Coalition of Washington is a non-profit corporation working on a task force to regulate AMCs in Washington. They also provide all the latest Fannie Mae forms on their website.


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