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Fannie Mae Guidelines

Fannie Mae guidelines are offered by the corporation to help the investors get a better understanding for the process of working with them. Fannie Mae is dedicated in offering a number of financing opportunities to high credit bona fide investors. According to the corporation, experienced investors play one of the most important role in recovering the housing industry of the nation. So, they continues to help such investors in order to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the housing market of the United States. Fannie Mae has recently established some mortgage underwriting and condo guidelines for the potential investors.

Fannie Mae Underwriting Guidelines

Fannie Mae has updated the policy pertaining to financing of multiple mortgages to the same borrower. The limitation of the number of mortgages currently financed also applies to the number of properties financed. The corporation is modifying this policy in order to allow the investors and second home buyers to own about five to ten properties if they can meet the eligibility, delivery and mortgage underwriting requirements outlined in the announcement.

Fannie Mae Condo Guidelines

Recently, Fannie Mae has also implemented new condo guidelines that have brought some changes in the condo market of the United States. The enterprise has imposed two new mortgage fees that in some way, affects the condo buyers. A 7.5% on condo fee and a 1.7% of additional fee for investors have been implemented by the corporation. These changes in the guidelines is believed to affect the buyers ability of obtaining a number of conventional loans for new as well as established condos.

Different Features of FNMA Guidelines

FNMA guidelines on condos is important for the investors and borrowers to understand if they want to make an informed approach. According to Fannie Mae, 70% of the units should be pre-sold in case of new construction and newly converted condo developments. Fidelity insurance are also required for condos having 20 or more units to ensure that the homeowner association funds are protected. In addition, not above 15% of the condo project units can be above 30 days delinquent on HOA dues.

A single entity is also not liable to own more than 10% of the overall project. The borrowers are also required to obtain a condo-owner insurance policy until and unless the master policy provide interior unit coverage.
WorldWide ERC
At the official website of WorldWide ERC, you can find all the latest updates on the mortgage and condo guidelines introduced by Fannie Mae. WorldWide ERC is a workforce mobility association that help those professionals who manage, oversee or support the US Domestic and International employee transfer.

Miami Condo Investments
Miami Condo Investments provide exclusive info on the new lending requirements established by Fannie Mae for condo developments in the state of Florida. Visit the website of the company to get further details on the mortgage lending guidelines of the corporation.

The Mortgage Reports
The Mortgage Reports offer reliable info on all the latest happening in the mortgage market of the United States. They provide valuable information on loan level pricing adjustments and loan limits offered by Fannie Mae.


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