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Fannie Mae Lenders

Fannie Mae lenders offer a wide variety of affordable mortgage programs for low and moderate-income citizens to finance their homes. A number of housing solutions are made available by Fannie Mae with a large network of lender partners located in several regions of the country. Fannie Mae is the second largest private corporation approved by the federal government. With a wide array of mortgage lending programs, the organization make it possible for the larger families to purchase the home of their choice. If you are looking to buy a home then the lender partners of the organization can help you to find the lowest possible mortgage rates in your area.

Fannie Mae Lender Partners

Today, Wachovia, GMAC Commercial Mortgage Corp and many other large financial institutions have enter the league of offering low-rate mortgage options to boost loan origination volumes. As a consequence, the competition for business between Fannie Mae lenders has drastically increased over the last few months. GMAC did not become a major DUS lender till 2001 and Wachovia has recently finalized the purchase of two delegated underwriting and servicing lenders. These two mortgage corporation are ready to challenge the lending powerhouse of the Fannie Mae.

Fannie Mae Lender Guidelines

On the other hand, the corporation has certain lending limits and guidelines, which the mortgage lenders are required to follow if they work with them. Fannie Mae does not lend mortgage loans directly to the home buyers. A number of banks and lenders provide the mortgage programs of the company to the potential borrowers. Under the community lending mortgage programs, the corporation offer a number of home loans including no down payment mortgages, special home loans for disabled borrowers and public employees.

Fannie Mae Lender Approval

There are certain eligibility conditions for each type of mortgage program offer by the Fannie Mae lenders. In most case, they require the borrowers to complete a home buyer training course, meet the income limits and plan to live in the home that they are thinking to buy. Borrowers can also visit the official of the corporation to use the Find a Lender Search in order to find reliable lenders located in their nearby areas.
Fannie Mae
Find a reliable mortgage lender partner of Fannie Mae at the official website of the corporation. The organization deal with a number of reputable mortgage lenders based in various states and cities of the United States.

National Real Estate Investor
National Real Estate Investor is one of the leading online information providers specialized in the real estate industry of the United States. They also provide exclusive details on the services offered by Fannie Mae lenders.

Building Online
Building online offers the best of information on Fannie Mae lenders working to revive the mobile home industry in the United States of America. Get further details by visiting the official website of the company.


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