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Fannie Mae Reo

Buying a Fannie Mae Reo property can be one of the best deals to get a new home for your family. A large number of Reo homes are owned by the mortgage corporation and you can get the home of your choice by dealing with them. However, buying a Reo home requires some understanding on your part to make an informed approach. REO stands for real estate owned and these are real estate properties that have been owned by the lenders and banks when they remain unsold at foreclosure auctions.

Understanding Fannie Mae REO Properties

Fannie Mae Reo properties are foreclosed properties directly owned by the corporation or those owned by the bank where they have insured the homes. According to a recent survey, about 60% of the total Reo homes (either Fannie Mae owned or bank owned) are associated with Fannie Mae in one or the other way. The corporation always looks to sell their Reo properties as they are not involve in the business of home ownership. With the large number of homes going on foreclosure, Fannie Mae came up with new programs to reduce the number of homes owned by them.

A wide selection of foreclosed properties including single family homes, multifamily houses, townhouses and condos are available for sale, which you can search through Fannie Mae's HomePath database. Home financing is available but you have to complete a loan prequalification first. After the process of prequalification, you may continue with the loan application procedure once your purchase offer is accepted. Home loans can also be sought from leading banks of the US, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase Bank.

It is advisable to get a reo home inspected by qualified professionals before buying it in order to know if it needs any repair work or is completely free from all hazards. It is indeed very important to know the condition of the property, the cost of all repairs required, loan qualification & closing process, and sales and purchase agreement before buying a Fannie Mae Reo property. You may need to take assistance of a real estate attorney in getting a full understanding of Fannie Mae's real estate purchase contract and purchase addendum which may vary from one state to another.

Dealing With Fannie Mae Broker and REO Agents

The process of buying a Reo from Fannie Mae is very simple. The mortgage corporation has set up a large network of real estate agents and brokers across the nation to sell the foreclosed properties owned by them. You can directly negotiate with a Fannie Mae Reo broker or an agent who represents the company. In order to get the best available deal, it is essential for you to work with a buyer agent. This agent will work to offer you the best available deal with the property of your choice. In fact, the sale offer is made only through the real estate listing agents of Fannie Mae, though you can get a broker of your own to finalize a deal with any of them.

A real estate agent or broker willing to work with Fannie Mae should contact its relevant department and become an NPDC vendor. Apart from the reo agent, National Property Disposition Center includes professionals like appraisers, attorneys, listing agents, closing agents, repair contractors and maintenance companies as vendors. Visit to get a complete understanding of how you can become a Fannie Mae Reo agent. You can also contact NPDC vendor desk or send an email to for this purpose.

Fannie Mae REO Department

It is completely easy to find Fannie Mae Reo properties available for direct purchase. The corporation has its Reo department that deals with all the processes of selling and negotiating for the properties owned by them. There are many real estate websites where lists and details of Fannie Mae owned properties are offered. Moreover, you can visit the official website of the corporation to get more details on their properties.

Fannie Mae REO properties are listed in its HomePath database which includes all those properties that have come under its possession through foreclosure or forfeiture. The homes listed here vary greatly in number, types, specifications and sales prices. Many listings are new but there are old homes also, some of which may require repairs or renovations. You can find on this page resources that help you know more about Fannie Mae REO properties, department, broker application & guidelines, forms, outsourcers, jobs, appraisal and many more. These resources will also allow you to conduct a Reo property search based on locations and housing specifications.
At, you can find a wide variety of Reo homes from Fannie Mae. They allow you to search for the Reo properties in several parts of the United States.

Visit to know all about the Reo properties owned by the largest mortgage corporation Fannie Mae. Also check how you could get them at low price.

Fannie Mae
Get vital details on the latest Reo rental policy announced by the mortgage corporation. Visit their official website to know more about the policy.


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