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Federal Housing Administration

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was established by Congress in 1934 and in the year 1965 the Federal Housing Administration becomes an integral part of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Since its inception, FHA has been helping homeowners and insured about 34 million properties. The Housing Admin was created under the National Housing Act of 1934. The aim of this authority was to improve the housing market by improving housing standards.

During 1934, the economic market was all time low and it was the period of Great Depression. Home loans at that time were given for short period and refinancing was also not in vogue. Now all these factors led to the banking crisis and owing to this lenders were taking the dues on mortgage payment back. All this had resulted in great turmoil and many homes were foreclosed. In this big chaos, the National Housing Act 1934 was passed that then created the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). By revising the term of mortgage and rate of interest, new lending practices were given by FHA that had really helped many to save their homes. At present the Federal Housing Authority is the only organization in US that handles its fund completely.

The Federal Housing Administration provides mortgage insurance to the loans that are given by FHA approved lenders. FHA Insurance on the following types of loan is given:
  • Single-family home loans
  • Multifamily home loans
  • Manufactured home loan
  • Hospital loan
The Federal Housing Administration mortgage insurance helps the borrower in getting mortgage at cheap interest rates and also at less down payment. FHA insured loans also reduce the risk to lender as in case of default protection is given to the lender. The Federal Housing Administration, FHA loans are provided by lender and this authority does not provide any home loan but just insures these loans. FHA loan limits differ from state to state and thus must be carefully checked.

There are many home loan programs that are running with FHA and new deals are there in pipeline. Few among these are Hope for Homeowners, Financial Help for Seniors, 203k Loan or Fixer Upper loan, FHA financing for mobile homes, FHA Streamline loan etc. By seeing present day market condition HOPE for Homeowners (H4H) Program has been launched by Congress and is effective from 1st October 2008 to 30th September 2011. HOPE for Homeowners will help those who are at great risk of foreclosure and default mortgage payment. Homeowner who face problem in making regular monthly payment but can afford payment of loan insured by FHA can try to get this loan. To check your eligibility for H4H you can consult your lender.

FHA 203K program assists the borrowers in purchasing, refinancing and repairing home at one time. Through out the nation Federal Housing Administration insured mortgages of 203K are provided by the approved FHA lenders. The downpayment of this 203K loan is close to 3.5% of total repair and acquisition cost.

Then the FHA Streamline house mortgage is given to the borrowers who already have the Federal Housing Authority loan. With this streamline loan your monthly payment will reduce to great extent. Like this there are many benefits associated with FHA insured loans. has also mentioned few websites that will further throw clarity on the Federal Housing Administration, its mortgages, foreclosure and other house loan programs.
FHA Loan Limits is a private website that inform the home loan seeker on the Federal Housing Authority guaranteed home loans. You can check the FHA loan limits for different states and can also get very useful information pertaining to FHA mortgages.
Federal Housing Administration's Hope For Homeowners Program
This link can be checked if you are looking for information on the Federal Housing Administration's Hope For Homeowners Program.

Contact number: 800-225-5342
FHA 203 K Loan Program
With this FHA 203K Program, home purchasing and repairing have become simple. In this website check out the procedure for the same.
FHA Connections
FHA Connections site provides access to HUD computers to mortgage lenders and business partners who are approved by HUD. They can log in to get online access to HUD.

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