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Freddie Mac Guidelines

The second largest mortgage corporation, Freddie Mac, has made some changes in its guidelines to raise the housing goals in the country. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has also announced its plans to promote the housing goals of the two largest mortgage corporation by 19% over the next couple of years. Freddie Mac Guidelines 2009 includes revised guidelines for mortgage lending institutions emphasizing the utilization of qualified and highly experienced real estate appraisers. According to these lending guidelines from the corporation, lenders are instructed that criteria for hiring appraisers should include one's affiliation.

Benefits of Changes in Freddie Mac Guidelines

These changes in Freddie Mac Guidelines is believed to have a positive effect on millions of home buyers and sellers in the country. The recognition of the professional appraiser has always been a missing component in the mortgage reforms. These new guidelines are considered as the perfect long-term solution for consumers and appraisers. Moreover, it will enhance the confidence in the safety and soundness of the lending process of mortgage terms. The revised regulation of Freddie Mac are also quite similar with those that have been already employed by Fannie Mae.

Freddie Mac Lending Guidelines

According to these new guidelines, professional appraisal designation can be very helpful in evaluating the qualification of the appraisers specially when the designation is made by a nationally recognized organization that has formal experience, education and ethics requirements which are strongly administered. On the other hand, the designations provided by the Appraisal Institute have been recognized by the courts of law, government agencies, financial institutions and investors from quite a long period. In order to ensure that the lenders get the most accurate appraisal possible and to prevent from future problems, it is important for the lenders to work with highly professional appraisers.

Freddie Mac's Guidelines for Short Sale

In addition, there has been some changes in Freddie Mac guidelines for short sale to further improve their lending ability. With this new guidelines, million of low and moderate income families will be able to get the suitable financing options even if they don't have a high credit score or good financial condition. To know more about the new guidelines of the mortgage corporation, you can visit the official website of Freddie Mac. Moreover, there are many online information providers where you can get several details on the mortgage corporation.
Check the latest guidelines issued by Freddie Mac at The company is specialized in offering a wide range of details on the US mortgage market.

Freddie Mac
Visit the official website of Freddie Mac to know all about the latest guidelines issued by the mortgage corporation. It is the second largest mortgage corporation next to Fannie Mae.

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