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Freddie Mac Mortgage

Freddie Mac Mortgage programs are made available to millions of low and moderate income families residing in the United States. The corporation work with a large number of lending partners to offer a wide variety of affordable mortgage plans to eligible borrowers. Freddie Mac mortgage rates are quite attractive and most of the home buyers are able to afford it. According to the weekly survey made by Freddie Mac, mortgage rates in the country has plunged this week. Surveyors of the corporation found that the average interest rate of thirty year loan terms fall to 5.32% from 5.42%. The loan rate for fifteen year programs was recorded at 4.77% from 4.87% of the last week.

Freddie Mac Mortgage Modification Plan

On the other hand, Freddie Mac in collaboration with Fannie Mae and the Federal government has announced the Home Affordable Program to help millions of homeowners who are most likely to lose their homes on foreclosure. Under this new program, an eligible homeowner having a mortgage loan, either financed or insured by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, can get a modification program to avoid home foreclosure. This will allow the homeowners to obtain 2% fixed rate loans through the modification program.

Mortgage Refinance With Freddie Mac

Homeowners facing financial difficulties in paying their mortgage loan could also get low rate mortgage refinance from the corporation. This bailout plan is specially designed for those homes where the owners live as their primary residence. Investment, rental and vacation homes are not covered by this housing plan. Even if the loan term of a borrower is worth up to 5% more than the price value of his home, he can still qualify for a refinancing option or a modification program with the mortgage corporation.

Use Freddie Mac Mortgage Calculator

Freddie Mac's refinance mortgage program will allow the borrowers to lower their monthly payments and save some money that they can use to cover several expenses. This will also help those homeowners whose home value has decline due to the downturn in the economy and the crisis in the housing market.

It is advisable for the borrowers to use the mortgage calculator offered by Freddie Mac in order to find reliable details on payment and interest features of several loan terms. This will also allow them to make an informed and better approach while looking for their loan terms.
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