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Freddie Mac Refinance

Freddie Mac and Its Refinance Program

Freddie Mac refinance program is designed to help the millions of homeowners who are unable to make the repayments of their mortgage loans that they have obtained to buy their homes. A large number of homeowners in the United States are facing several financial difficulties in repaying their home loans and they are going to face home foreclosure. To assist them, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have introduced affordable refinancing options through which eligible borrowers could replace their existing mortgage with new loan terms having better repayment terms and conditions.

Freddie Mac Refi Plus

Freddie Mac has initiated the Relief Refinance Mortgage Program under which, flexible refinancing options for Freddie Mac loans are offered to the homeowners. This loan program is quite similar with the Refi Plus Program established by Fannie Mae. Under this new program, eligible homeowners can refinance their second home mortgage and there is no private mortgage insurance requirement. Freddie Mac refinance rates are very low and it is believed that those homeowners whose home values are declining will be able to get maximum advantage of it. In addition, the corporation has slashed the fees for mortgage refinancing by charging only the 0.2% market condition fee.

Freddie Mac Refinance Rates and its Advantages

Homeowners in United States will be able to get several benefits and they may refinance their current home for a number of reasons.
  • To take the advantage of lower interest rates and to lower down their monthly payment amount. By refinancing their current home loans, homeowners will be able to reduce their repayment amounts as the interest rates will make the whole difference.

  • To shift to a better mortgage type. For instance, if a homeowner has variable rate loan and he want to obtain a fixed-rate program then, a mortgage refinance will fulfill his desire. This will allow the borrowers to adjust their loan terms with the prevailing mortgage rates.

  • To shorten the repayment period of the mortgage loan. Refinancing is the best way to shorten a home loan term. This allow a borrower to save some money from the interest payment as the loan length is shortened.

  • To get cash-out and to consolidate multiple debts. Freddie Mac lending partners allow good credit homeowners to borrow more amount than the balance of their current mortgage based on the equity value of their homes. The money left after the repayment of the existing mortgage can be used for a number of things such as paying the education fees of their children, consolidating debts or making some home improvements.
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Freddie Mac
Get all the necessary details on the mortgage refinance program offered by Freddie Mac by visiting the company's official website. Also check the refinancing guidelines of the corporation.


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