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Freddie Mac Stock

Freddie Mac Stock Analysis

Freddie Mac stock has greatly decreased in value during the mortgage crisis of the last year. The stock price of the mortgage corporation is still to recover and the federal government has taken control over the activities of the corporation. Under this new arrangement, the two government sponsored enterprises, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have been infused $100 billion each to bring the housing industry back on track. However, about 80% of each company's stake is going to be controlled by the government.

Freddie Mac Stock Price

According to Freddie Mac's stock analysis made in the beginning of the year, the shares of the corporation showed a minor fluctuation between $30 and $40. The share price further plunged down below $20 in the beginning of the March and take a swift recovery of above $30 in the middle of the month. Freddie Mac common stock is traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The corporation conducts its trading operation under the stock symbol FRE. Though the corporation's official name if Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, the Board of Directors have authorized it to conduct their business under the name of Freddie Mac.

Freddie Mac Stock News

The New York Stock Exchange requires every company to maintain stock prices over $1. Trading below this price will sort out the corporation from the exchange under the listing requirements. If this happens, then the confidence of the investors will fall and the institutional investors will be able to provide less information on the quality of the stock offered by the mortgage corporation. As a result, Freddie Mac would have lower trading volumes and finally be on the line of bankruptcy. However, the federal government will allow this to happen to the second largest mortgage corporation in the country.

Freddie Mac Stock History

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae together own about half the $12 trillion US mortgage market. They were formerly considered as the safest and most profitable firms for making investments. However, the great stock history of these mortgage finance company began to tremble when millions of borrowers defaulting on the home loans insured and invested by them. Today, the corporations in compliance with the federal government are trying to recover the housing industry in the nation with a number of new programs.
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Freddie Mac
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