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Vastu Shastra Tips

Vastu Shastra tips are very essential for the better living. According to the vaastu shastra, there is a relationship between the physical energy with its surroundings. In order to balance the cosmic energy, vastu tips are provided to help the people live in the better and comfortable environment. Vaastu shastra are the traditional system of constructing houses on the direction basis. It provides the directional alignments for the land and wealth. Vastu harbors the positive energies in the people. It provides you the various tips for the flats, house, office, bathroom, study room, shop, bedroom, wealth and also for the kitchen. These tips act as the remedy for good health and maintaining healthy relationship. It also provides the tips for career growth.

The plots confronting east is considered good for the scholars, philosophers and intellectuals. The plots which are in the North are considered better for those who are in the power, administration and handle the government. In south, it is good for the small business class. The plots which are located in west provide supporting services in the society. Vastu Shastra tips are generally offered to people in hindi, marathi, tamil, telegu and gujarati to help the people live in the positive vibes. It also provides the tips for home, office, pooja room, kitchen, house and wealth. Tips are provided to the people so that they can maintain a healthy relationship with its surroundings. Free Vaastu tips in hindi and also in various languages are easily available on the website, you can download the same.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Home

The home which is set up by the standards of vaastu, that home is filled with positive energy and the positive vibes. The room in the north-west direction is good for the guests and girls. In the south-west, the head of the family should reside. In the north east, the bedroom should not be made. It predicts the increase number of girls in the family. The south-east should not have the bedroom. The main door of the house should pass light. You can put a happy family picture in your walls of the home. Your pooja room should be located in the north-east corner of the house.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Office

Vastu Shastra Tips for office is very useful for the businessman which brings the higher returns. For your office, the tips are provided. Money should be kept in Almirah which faces the north. In an office, pictures of gods and goddess bring the large gains. An acquarium comprised of 9 gold fish and one black fish placed in the north east direction is good for the offices. The water flow from North to east is good for the office and produces gains.

Vastu Tips for Financial Growth

Vastu tips for financial growth are very important as everybody wants to be well off. The tip is to keep the one light on all throughout the night. This light has the positive energy which will yield greater returns. Fish aquarium works wonder for the wealth. And the constant movement of the fish keeps your wealth also move up so the fish should be active, lively and healthy. The fountain which has a soothing and relaxing sound of music for moving water should be kept on the desk or the room. It is a tip according to the Vastu for prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life

Vastu tips for happy married life are of greater significance as it can build the relation. The master bedroom located at the southwest direction helps in the constancy of the relationship. Bedroom situated in south east can result in the conflict between the couple. The square or rectangular bed should be preferred in the room because it creates love and peace in life.

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