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Section 8 Housing

Section 8 Housing Assistance Program assists low-income families and individuals who are looking for affordable rental options. This assistance is provided by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through different Public Housing Authorities. In year 1974 the Housing and Community Development Act was passed that has amended the US Housing Act of 1937. This program is called Section 8 as it has been created by the Section 8 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. Under this program tenants were benefited as they now will have to pay rent that is not more than 30% of the whole family income and the rest will be paid by the federal money.

Section 8 Housing Assistance

There are many certificate programs and vouchers under Section 8 Housing assistance that have helped about 1.4 million households. In the beginning phase, Section 8 program has three projects:
  • New Construction
  • Substantial Rehabilitation
  • Existing Housing Certificate Program
After the initial phase, the Moderate Rehabilitation Program, Voucher Program and Project-based Certificate Program have also been added. From time to time, Congress has made amendments in Section 8 assistance programs by adding and removing programs.

The Voucher Program is the greater part of Section 8 Housing assistance program that can be of two types:
  • Project-based
  • Tenant-based
In Section 8 Housing projects specific complexes, apartments are covered and Public Housing Agencies can keep 20% of the vouchers. On the other hand Tenant based housing program is more wide in its use. In this type of program, tenant can choose unit from the private sector located anywhere in US or Puerto Rico where Section 8 Housing projects are operated by Public Housing Agencies. After finding such home or apartment, these families pay rent which is never more than 30% of the total income of the family.

Any family who has senior citizens, person with disability, young children and working members who are not earning sufficient amount are eligible to get Section 8 Housing rental assistance. Therefore eligibility requirements of Section 8 program are checked in terms of finances and income of the whole family. The Gross non excluded income of the family is calculated by calculating the family's unearned, earned and income from assets.

To reach at Gross non excluded income, the total income exclusions are are subtracted from this total that includes child earnings, foster care payments, medical expenses, student aid, hostile fire pay etc. Any kind of rental unit selected must be according to the standards set by Housing and Urban Development Authority.

Under Section 8 Housing projects, vouchers are issued to the family who qualified in terms of income. Then in the limited time they need to find out a rental home by using this voucher. The selected home must be according to the local codes, federal standards and therefore must be according to the Housing Quality Standards (HQS). After this, the rental unit is checked if it meets standards set by HUD. Following this difference between 30% of household income and PHA established payment standards are calculated. This amount of the rent is paid by PHA through the assistance from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Section 8 Housing Eligibility

Now to apply for voucher check whether Section 8 Housing list is open or not. If yes then apply for the voucher and check your name in the housing list. After this local Housing Authority will check the eligibility of the applicant. The selected candidate will then be given Voucher and RFAT, Request for Assisted Tenancy Form. Now within 60-120 days find out the rental home in the housing market. The property owner or manager check for the eligibility of tenant and fill the RFAT form which is then submitted to HA. The role of housing authority is also to check the Housing Quality Standards, check for needed repairs, negotiation for rent and make the contract with property owner. For Section 8 Housing Eligibility, annually the inspection of the unit and eligibility of tenant is checked.

For landlords, there are certain basic things that are needed to be completed before the house to be used as rental unit by section 8 housing projects. The property must be inspected by local Public Housing Authority. Then the lease will be prepared by landlord of at least one year. According to the Section 8 housing in California, like in other states the property owners will make the lease agreement and also make the terms and conditions of tenancy. You can also check the links given by to check further on Section 8 Housing Projects.
Section 8 Housing Application
In this website you can apply for Section 8 Housing Consolidation Program Application online. Even landlords can use this website to list their homes.
Section 8 Housing List
Check out this site to get information on Section 8 Housing voucher program and also to check the details on application, eligibility, funding assistance List of states as Florida, Georgia for houses.

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