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Section 8 Housing Waiting List

Section 8 Housing Waiting List is provided by the local housing authorities for the participants of section 8 housing programs who are living within the area of their jurisdiction. Housing choice voucher program is one of the federal government's major programs introduced to assist very low-income families, disabled and senior citizens. Participants of this program are free to choose any rental housing option when they get their voucher after their names have been listed in the waiting list of the local housing authorities. This program is funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development however, it is administered at local level through several public housing agencies.

Section 8 Housing Waiting List in Illinois

Illinois Housing Development Authority administers the section 8 housing assistance program in the state. Moreover, Chicago Housing Authority provide the program in its area. Low income citizens in the area could get their names on the section 8 housing waiting list to acquire the benefits of federally subsidized rental housing in the city. Low income citizens can enter the lottery to get one of the 40,000 spots on the waiting list offered by the housing authority. Winner participants could get a voucher to find their desired rental properties in the city.

Section 8 Housing Waiting List Miami

There are so many low income families who need housing assistance in Miami area. The Miami-Dade Public Housing Agency placed the applicants of section 8 housing assistance on a type of ranked waiting list compiled through a lottery-like system. The fairest way of choosing eligible families for the program is with the help of a waiting list. If an applicant has his ranking number selected from waiting list then he is required to bring a number of documents to the interview. Miami-Dade Housing Agency provide ranking of July 2008 waiting list for its tenant based Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher. Waiting list is sorted out by the last name of the applicant, and then the first name and it splits in three parts to make faster and easier for the applicants.

Public Housing Waiting List in California

Section 8 housing program in the state of California is operated directly through a number of local public housing authorities. The Department of Housing and Community Development also has a Housing Assistance Program that operates section 8 housing in several counties. Eligible low income individuals and families can also apply to local subcontracting sponsor agencies for the rental assistance when their waiting list is open. Applicants are invited to make online application for section 8 waiting list in San Diego by a number of public housing authorities operating in the state.
Illinois Housing Development Authority
Illinois Housing Development Authority administers section 8 housing program in the state. Local housing authorities provide the housing assistance program through the Housing Development Authority.
California Department of Housing and Community Development
CA Department of Housing and Community Development work with a number of local housing authorities to provide section 8 housing assistance to low income citizens. Visit the website of the department to check section 8 housing waiting list with different authorities. .

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