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Alabama Real Estate

Alabama Real Estate presents a microcosm of the present national real estate industry, with realty experts not expecting much change in the overall scenario until the end of the year. The survey conducted by Alabama Center for Real Estate (or Alabama Real Estate Research Center, or simply ACRE) has actually revealed a slight deterioration in the market sentiment over the past few months and it seems that the property market in Alabama has still to wait another few months to recover from the onslaught of the worldwide economic slowdown. Nevertheless, the north and north central region of the state shows signs for a promising future, more for the housing industry than the commercial property segment.

As a result, we see average listing price for most houses go up in cities like Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Fairhope, Orange Beach, Tuscaloosa and Auburn. On the other hand, areas in south and south central region, such as Mobile, Gulf Shores, Dothan, and Madison County have registered a fall in the average mean price of houses listed for sale. At the same time, a variation in demand and average real estate price can also be seen in different schools and school districts falling under a particular city administration. This is because of the preference of investors for some locations over some other locations in Alabama.

Alabama Real Estate Commission

Alabama Real Estate Commission is responsible for the licensure of real estate agents, realty brokers and sales persons. Being a part of the Sub-Function of Promulgating Rules and Regulations and Licensing, it keeps a tab on the day-to-day activities of the licensed real estate professionals and ensures fairness, ethical standard and a high degree of professionalism in the industry comprising Alabama real estate. Headed by a real estate commissioner, the governing body comprises nine members, eight of which are experienced professionals. Consumers also get representation with a member from their community who has never been licensed by AL Real Estate Commission. It also offers Alabama License Law Book Order Form and several other forms. However for other forms, such as Sales Contract Form and Landlord Tenant Form, you can contact a private firm also. Apart from AREC, there also exist boards and associations to fulfill various requirements of other real estate professionals. Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board and Alabama Real Estate Association are two of them worth mentioning here.

Alabama Real Estate School

If you want to make a career in real estate industry and find jobs that can earn you money as well as respect, you should join a real estate school accredited by AREC. The courses offered by these schools help you complete pre-licensing education requirements and prepare well for the Alabama real estate exam. Most of these schools offer classroom study schedule as well as online classes and hence you have flexibility to choose your own time for the completion of the course.

Alabama real estate school also offers courses to help you fulfill your continuing education requirements if you are already licensed and are now seeking license renewal. It is a good thing that most real estate schools in Birmingham and Montgomery offer online CE courses, thus enabling working professionals to complete their educational requirements. Moreover, you need to choose an institute wisely as your career depends much on this selection.

Alabama Real Estate License

Alabama real estate license is issued to brokers, agents and salesperson, provided they fulfill certain requirements of AL Real Estate Commission. One needs to abide by the Commission's rules and eligibility standards regarding citizenship, age, education, criminal background and license reciprocity before applying for a new license along with the requisite fees. Moreover, they need to complete 30 or 60 hours (as the case may be) of pre-licensing, post-licensing or continuing education course before appearing for the real estate exam in order to obtain a working license successfully. A piece of advice: the more you work on practice test, the more is your chance of success in the license exam. The licensing requirements of appraisers are handled by Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board.

Alabama Real Estate Agents

Alabama real estate agents are a helpful resource for those looking for buying homes in Birmingham, Montgomery, Fairhope and Mobile. They offer listing services for local property owners and hence create a database of all kinds of houses for sale and sometimes also of houses for rent. Moreover, their education and experience in the industry can help you know the loan services available in your locality and get the cheapest mortgage option, besides helping you go through the entire sale procedure quite comfortably. With an Alabama real estate agent by your side you need not worry about different kinds of contract papers that are an inevitable part of a real estate sale. Big realtors and real estate companies operating at a large scale often have lawyers and attorneys on their pay scales to offer a client complete guidance in creating and understanding the clauses of purchase contract, purchase agreement and sales contract.

Real estate agents and realty brokers also help you understand the State's legislation on real estate taxes. Alabama tax rate may differ for counties like Jefferson, Madison, Shelby, Lee and Morgan, and so it becomes important to know it correctly in order to pay your outstanding property taxes and transfer tax, if applicable. Alabama property tax records serve useful purposes to real estate agents, land appraisers and other industry professionals. So whether you are a first time home buyer or want to buy a second home, you need the assistance of a real estate agent in Alabama.

Alabama Real Estate for Sale

There are many ways to find Alabama real estate for sale and also Alabama real estate for rent. Apart from hiring the services of an agent, realtor or a real estate company, you can search online to get multiple listings of properties available for sale. There are a number of websites that offer this service for free. Most Alabama real estate for sale is being offered in areas like Huntsville, Auburn, Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fairhope, Decatur, Birmingham and Mobile. Some pockets in South Alabama have emerged as good locations for community development, with prospects for increased housing demands in future. Owing to increased phenomenon of foreclosure nationwide, new properties are constantly being added to the inventory of foreclosed homes in Alabama. Another source to find real estate for sale in the state is to participate in auctions and find the house of you choice at the best price.

Alabama Real Estate MLS

Large real estate companies and agencies including organizations like National Association of Realtors offer multiple listing services for all states and locations in the US. As a result, their websites become a good source for viewing available real estate for sale in a location of your choice. You can see the property details like total area in square foot, number of rooms & baths, neighborhoods and availability of amenities, along with the offer price and contact details of the agent dealing a particular property. Alabama real estate MLS is particularly helpful in locating houses for sale in Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and Auburn. Besides, you can use MLS database provided by,,, and several other websites. The MLS database on these sites contains all properties ranging from cheap apartments and townhomes to luxurious villas and penthouses and from foreclosure properties to waterfront homes.

Alabama Real Estate Listings

Alabama real estate listings work in two ways, that is, it offers a buyer what he/she is looking for and provides a place for an owner to list their properties and wait for buyers. Whether you want to list a property that is available for sale or for sale by owner (FSBO) or even for rent, you can find a listing service immensely helpful. Most MLS providers offer you a free listing opportunity for a limited period while others may ask a nominal fee to keep your property listed in their database. Either way, it may work wonder for you if you are a real estate owner in Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Auburn, Dothan and some selected locations in North Alabama.

We at offer you a platform to know in full detail all that makes the entire industry of real estate in Alabama. With the information we provide on different pages of this website, you can find solutions to all your housing needs, be it real estate for sale or an issue involving property rentals. We also bring you information on affordable housing solutions being made available by Alabama Housing Finance Authority through programs like Section 8 and Housing Choice Voucher Programs. Keep visiting our sites for updated news, latest statistics and valuable resources.

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