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Alabama Foreclosure Redemption

Alabama Foreclosure Redemption right is prevalent in the state and with this right the title of the sold property after foreclosure can be retaken by the original owner. One year of redemption period after foreclosure is given by the state redemption law. Alabama redemption rights are given to the following:
  • Mortgagor
  • Junior mortgagee or its transferee
  • Debtor, surety or guarantor
  • Judgment creditor
  • The spouses of the above
  • Children of debtor or mortgagor
  • Debtor's or mortgagor's heirs or devisees
The Alabama redemption period lasts for one year only and any demand for the same will not be entertained by the present owner after this date. To redeem the property many legal things like payment, redemption amount in the form of tender etc are required. Along with this Alabama foreclosure right of redemption also includes certain payments or called redemption charges.

Alabama Foreclosure Redemption Law

It includes purchase price during foreclosure, interest , cost of improvement, taxes given, paid insurance premiums and all mortgages given. Further according to Alabama foreclosure redemption law, the written demand by the interested borrower is made. Now within ten days of the demand, the person has to make the list of all the charges that are the reason of redemption. The amount of all the said charges is then paid to the purchaser. But in case no statement is given then all the claims will be forfeited.

Right of redemption in Alabama is forfeited if the mortgagor does not leave the property within the period of ten days of getting the notice from the lender. Owing to the large number of foreclosure and need for redemption, many bonding companies are now giving Alabama redemption bond, which is the insurance policy.

With redemption bond, the mortgage company can issue mortgage for the property that is secured by such bonds. Redemption bond price has gone up in the recent period but does not cost much. Alabama redemption laws thus can be exercised on real property but that is bounded by time period, rights, cost etc. if you want to redeem the property then it is better to consult a lawyer or attorney who deals in foreclosure redemptions and has all the knowledge of Alabama foreclosure redemption law.
Alabama Foreclosure Redemption
Get detailed information on Al redemption rights, law, period of redemption, notice, payments and the whole process of redemption in Alabama.
Right of Redemption in Alabama
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