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Alaska Foreclosure Laws

Alaska Foreclosure Laws contain both in court and out of court settlement provisions. The Right of Redemption and Deficiency Judgment are although there but depends upon the foreclosure process. According to Alaska foreclosure laws there are two types of foreclosures in the state, which are:
  • Judicial foreclosure
  • Non-Judicial Foreclosure
Process Period: Although vary from process to process but generally takes 90 days. Primary Security Instrument: Deed of Trust and mortgage

Alaska Foreclosure Process

As per law both types of foreclosures are available in AK but the most common among these is non-judicial foreclosure. In this Deed of Trust or mortgage contains the information pertaining to foreclosure, its date and place of occurrence in case of any default in payment by the borrower is made. So it involves less of court's intervention.

Notice of Sale
To begin the Alaska foreclosure process notice of sale is required to be filed in the recorder's office of the county office but after 30 days of default. This is also called notice of default. Then this notice of default according to Alaska foreclosure laws must be mailed to the borrower within the period of ten days. Along with borrower, the notice of default must also be mailed to the following:
  • Claimant or person whose lien is there on the record
  • Occupant
In this notice, date, place, time of sale along with lender's description, information from Deed of Trust must be given. After getting this notice, defaulter can make the payment and stop the process of foreclosure. In this payment attorney's fees and missed payments are given. But the foreclosure process enters into its next phase if the payment is not made. Also if the notice of default has also been recorded for two or more times then no payment can be made to stop the process according to Alaska foreclosure laws.

Foreclosure Auction

Alaska foreclosure laws further state that is the front door of the courthouse of the county where the foreclosure auction will take place. In case place and time has been mentioned in the Deed of Trust then auction will be made according to that only.

Lender is also allowed to make the bid and property is then given to the highest bidder. Sale of the property can also be postponed by the trustee, which is then announced in public by the person conducting sale. In this new date and hour of sale must be told.
United States Foreclosure Law
United States Foreclosure Law gives the complete summary of foreclosure law in Alaska along with other state.
Website: has clearly defined the Alaska foreclosure law. Along with this information regarding how to buy foreclosure, bankruptcy etc has also been given.
Check to know more on Alaska foreclosure process.

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