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Alaska Foreclosure Rates

Alaska Foreclosure Rates because of sub prime loans and adjustable rate mortgage are growing and there has been seen 36 percent increase as compare to last year. Anchorage and Palmer are the most hard hit by foreclosure as these are the most populated areas of Alaska. Job loss along with the decreasing wages are reason for such a trend in Alaska foreclosure rates. Although there has been seen a rising trend in foreclosure rate yet the state is the third lowest as compare to other states in US.

The rise in Alaska foreclosure rates is also affecting the houses in the market. Earlier the home used to stay for 30 days in the real estate market but now the period has been increased to 70 days. This increased period of stay in turn causing the changes in the residential sales. The number of sold homes is decreasing, from 3,324 it has come down to 2,455. Another factor that is also showing the growth in Alaska foreclosure rate and decline in the sale of homes is the residential building permit, which again has declined to 225 from 1,039. it is not only the one state but the whole housing market in the nation that is going through the bad phase. The Mortgage Bankers Association conducts the survey and reported that the overall US Real Estate Market is going through this foreclosure dragon. The high risk loans has further worsen the condition in which the lender follows the predatory lending practice.
Foreclosure rate in Alaska can be slowed down with the help of prevention agencies and centers that are working towards this serious issue. HUD approved foreclosure counseling agencies can also be contacted for any kind of help on foreclosure, buying home etc. Along with contacting these professional agencies, also talk to your lender so that mid way solution can be found out to prevent the foreclosure which will reduce the Alaska foreclosure rates. Now depending upon your circumstance and financial condition , you can get the assistance. Along with this selling your home before actual foreclosure, modifying your mortgage or refinancing it are some of the other options that are availed by many distressed homeowners in AK.

The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) offers the counseling for foreclosure in AK, which should be contacted for immediate assistance. is also assisting you by giving the list of websites that can be checked to get foreclosure help so that Alaska foreclosure rates can be reduced further and brought to zero.
National Association of Foreclosure Prevention Professionals
National Association of Foreclosure prevention Professionals provides the listing of agencies working in different states that helps in finding solutions by talking to the suffers. Along with this you can also read consumer awareness guide and find out information related to foreclosure analysis.
NGA Center for Best Practices
NGA Center offers foreclosure assistance, legal aid, counseling services as well as financial assistance.
AOF Alaska
Address: 401 E Fireweed Ln Suite 201
Anchorage, AK 99503
Alaska Housing Finance Coporation
Address: 4300 Boniface Parkway
Anchorage, AK 99504

Within Anchorage
PO Box 101020 Anchorage, AK 99510-1020
(907) 338-6100

Within Alaska but outside Anchorage
(800) 478-AHFC (2432)
Fax (907) 338-9218

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