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Arizona Foreclosure Eviction

Arizona Foreclosure Eviction Process means the remotion of tenant or trespasser once the home has been foreclosed. Foreclosure eviction is a legal process and has state laws and timeline associated with it. In Arizona foreclosure eviction timeline generally gives 30 days period to the tenant to vacate the property. But if the tenant refused to vacate the property after the said period then the lawsuit can be filed against and he or she may be forced to vacate the property by court.

Arizona Foreclosure Eviction Law

On the other hand there are many rights of the renter that are covered under Arizona foreclosure eviction laws. The complete process should be comprehended so that tenant does not suffer from any major loss. According to the Arizona foreclosure eviction law, the tenant who has been evicted legally after foreclosure can make claims against the homeowner who has lost the home. In case the tenant has not made any default in making the monthly rent and has forced to evict the property because of foreclosure then according to law, the lease has been breached by the landlord as the termination of the same has happened before the said period of time. Now the damages that tenant has suffered must be made by the homeowner as per as per Arizona foreclosure eviction law. Tenant can claim for the damages and may sue the landlord. It is with the court who will then decide the amount of damage and it can contain the following:
  • Cost of new lease
  • Utility charges
  • Moving cost
Along with this other charges, if can be proved and associated with foreclosure eviction, can also be recovered from the landlord. Further in Arizona foreclosure eviction law the tenant can also get the security deposits. But there are many costs like attorney's fees, legal process and its documents that has to be taken care by tenant. So before taking any decision all the costs and expenses must be calculated.

Arizona Foreclosure Eviction Process

Details on Arizona foreclosure eviction process can also be taken from the court that issues the eviction orders. It is very important to understand the eviction process before actually facing it because as a renter you have many rights that can be used. If the eviction is immediate then better to consult the nearby County Housing Agency or Red Cross for place and even for financial help.

As a tenant you have the rights to Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act that explains the rights and duties of landlords and tenants. In this act landlord's right to evict the tenant and tenant's rights have been explained fully. The Arizona Secretary of State can be contacted to get the free copy of the act.

Further the lease agreement for tenants who has been helped under Section 8 Housing program can remain as it is even after the Arizona foreclosure eviction process. So there are many rights for tenants according to Arizona foreclosure eviction law and for this it is better to understand the process. For this check out the links given by
Arizona Department of Housing
The Arizona Department of Housing can be contacted for any information on Landlord and Tenant Act. You can also get free copies of this act for further reference.
For Arizona Tenant Landlord Laws call the Tenant and Landlord Information and Referral
Hotline: 602-263-8856 and 800-352-3792
Keytlaw is the legal information resource of attorney Norm Keyt who works in Arizona tenant and landlord sector and fully experienced in associated laws.
Arizona Tenants Advocates
Consult Arizona Tenants Advocates for help on Arizona foreclosure eviction process, laws, timeline and tenant's rights.

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