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Arizona Foreclosure Laws

Arizona Foreclosure Laws allow both judicial and non judicial foreclosure. The deficiency judgment is allowed by law but it varies from case to case. The timeline given to complete the foreclosure process is 90 days with no right of redemption. The Arizona foreclosure laws further takes Deed of Trust or mortgage as primary security instruments.

In judicial foreclosure no Power of sale clause is present so lawsuit is filed in the court to get the foreclosure orders. Whereas in non judicial foreclosure the Power of sale clause is present that may or may not contain the information regarding date, place and time of foreclosure auction. If these have been specified then these will be followed to do the auction but if these are not there then the proper procedure according to AZ foreclosure laws must be adopted.

Guidelines for Power of Sale and Notice of Sale

  • According to Arizona foreclosure laws the notice of sale is recorded by the trustee in county's office where property to be foreclosed is located
  • Within five days of this recording, the notice of sale is mailed to the borrower and other parties who are listed in the Deed of Trust
  • For four consecutive weeks and once in every week the notice of sale must be published in the county's newspaper where property is located.
  • Advertisement for notice of sale must appear before ten days of the auction
Further according to foreclosure laws in Arizona the date of the auction can be postponed. In this case the trustee will have to declare the new place, time and date of auction. New date is given by notice and place in public declaration by foreclosure laws.

Most of the homeowners are concerned with the deficiency judgment in Arizona foreclosure laws. The deficiency is the difference between the total amount that a borrower owed to the lender (principal amount, interest, documentation fee foreclosure expenses) and amount at foreclosure sale as realized by lender. If you are facing foreclosure then you must know that if you can be sued by the lender for deficiency according to AZ foreclosure laws or you will be exempted from this. For this consult the foreclosure attorneys who deal in foreclosure laws in Arizona and mostly in the deficiency sector, as only experienced and professionals in this field can tell you about anti-deficiency laws to protect you. Further 33-814.G and 33-729.A. comes under Anti-Deficiency legislation that has been revised and are in Arizona Revised Statutes Sections.

While finding out anti deficiency judgment many factors are considered like the type of mortgage, how the loan is secured?, property size, How the land pr foreclosed property is being used?, has the lawsuit being filed by the lender or not? And many more.

Arizona foreclosure law timeline for deficiency judgment is within 90 days of the notice of sale. If you are looking for more information on Arizona foreclosure process, listings, rate and help then also check the other pages of Along with this also check the web links that have been mentioned for further study on Arizona foreclosure laws.
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Foreclosure University can be also checked if you are looking for information Arizona foreclosure laws, its timeline, process and procedure.

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