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Arizona Foreclosure Process

Arizona Foreclosure Process starts by the lending institute by submitting the notice of default or sale with the recorder's office. The whole foreclosure process although simple yet requires many legals turns. The lender has every right to instigate the foreclosure process in AZ as soon as the borrower falls behind in making even the first monthly payment of the home loan taken. Typically the timeline of 90 days is given to complete the AZ foreclosure process and generally the time frame remains the same for every process.

In most of the cases lender is willing to talk to the defaulter in finding solutions. In this mortgage modification is done that reduces the monthly payment for some time. In pre-foreclosure workouts with your lender the definite solution can be found out which is profitable both for the lending institute and borrower. These may include the following:
  • Forbearance
  • Repayment plans
  • Refinancing
  • Mortgage modification
  • Sale of home
  • Deed in Lieu of foreclosure

Arizona Foreclosure Procedure

On the other hand if no solution can be worked out then the foreclosure procedure is initiated by the lender. Most of the Arizona foreclosure process occurs as non judicial foreclosure in which the power of sale clause is there that requires no intervention by the court in deciding the date, time and place of the foreclosure. If the clause is there but these are not mentioned in the clause then the proper procedure must be followed.

For Arizona foreclosure process, a trustee must be appointed by the lender who will handle all the paper work and legality associated with the foreclosure. Now the Arizona foreclosure procedure states that notice of sale is first of all recorded with the recorder's office in the county where property to be foreclosed upon is located. Then for the period of four weeks (one in every week) the notice should appear in the newspaper of the county. The last appearance must be before ten days of the sale. The notice of sale must also be sent to the borrower and other parties who are recorded in the deed by the trustee within five days.
After these, the foreclosure auction takes place in the front door of the court house. In Arizona foreclosure auctions can be searched in websites, newspapers, with real estate agents and brokers.

Further according to the foreclosure process in Arizona, every bidder must deposit the $1000 before making the bid. The mortgage company or the lender can also bid on the foreclosed home and the property is then given to the highest bidder.

The highest bidder has the complete next day day till 5:00 PM to make the remaining payment. If the payment is not done then the amount of $1000 is forfeited and the property is then given to the next highest bidder. The title is also given to the new owner by the trustee. But if the home is not sold then according to the Arizona foreclosure process the property is owned by the bank and considered as Real Estate Owned (REO).

In Arizona foreclosure procedure, there also exist the provision for deficiency judgment that helps the lender to recover the loss if incurred during the whole process. But again there are many anti-deficiency laws that protects the homeowners. has mentioned few websites that can also be check to know more on AZ foreclosure process, legal procedure for auction, timeline and ways to stop the foreclosure.
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American Foreclosure Specialist
If you are looking for in dept knowledge on Arizona foreclosure procedure then check out this website that helps you with foreclosure laws. You can also contact them if facing foreclosure as assistance to stop foreclosure is also given.

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