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Arizona Foreclosure Rate

Arizona foreclosure Rate is mounting in number and with this this state has been ranked fourth highest in the foreclosure market. Arizona foreclosure number in terms of ranking comes after Nevada, Florida and California. In the month of April, 2009, on the whole, US Real Estate Market has witnessed 3,42,038 number of foreclosures which is 36%more from the number in April 2008. Therefore the statistics of 2009 are quite daunting.

Arizona foreclosure market is more or less seeing homes in the beginning phase having notice of default or auction and there are less REOs. The reduction in the number of real estate owned or REOs further shows that banks and lending institutes are working towards foreclosure and helping the borrowers in making mortgage payment. To further reduce the Arizona foreclosure rates there have been set up the Arizona Prevention Task Force that is working day and night to reduce the numbers. This Prevention Task Force has got success in reducing the number of foreclosure to some extent.

On the other hand the sale of homes in Arizona along with California and Nevada is also going up. Many buyers prefer to buy foreclosed homes and short sales as these are quite profitable deals. On the other hand single family homes and condos are seeing reduction in the rate of sale as the number of foreclosure for these are increasing.

Arizona foreclosure records further tells the story that most of the buyers have bought homes that value more than their incomes. Along with this the lending institutes have offered sub prime loan and adjustable rate mortgage and that too without much of the paperwork. People were buying homes in the hope that interest will reduce in the future but instead of a decline there has been seen increase in the rate of interest that has toppled the whole real estate market.

Foreclosure Rates in Arizona - Current Trends

The news further emphasis that foreclosure rates in Arizona will show increase with new filing for distressed properties in the coming months. With this there is now the enormous pressure to stabilize the condition. FHA is giving refinance options at the lowest possible interest rates. Along with this the US Department of Housing and Urban Development is making all sorts to efforts to educate people and for this it has set up counseling agencies where registered counselors listen to your case and help you with different options.

Along with this the banks have also stopped to allure home buyers with different but risky home mortgage options. If you are going through foreclosures then taking these options can be very beneficial. Along with reading and flipping other pages of you can also check the link given for Arizona foreclosure rates, news, records, statistics and real estate market condition in AZ.
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