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Arizona Homeowners Insurance

Arizona Homeowners Insurance is a way to safeguard your financial interest in case something bad happens to your home. Though we take every measure to provide protection to our residential house and its contents, it is not always possible to ensure their complete security against the unpredictability of natural and man-made calamities. The possibility of fire, theft, storms and the likes cannot be ignored in the face of growing phenomenon of such incidents. Thus it seems a sensible idea to buy a relevant homeowner insurance policy in order to thwart the danger of financial damage that usually comes associated with such large-scale disasters.

Most homeowner insurance companies provide four types of coverages which can also be combined in a single policy. These four types of coverages include Dwelling and Personal Property, Medical Payments, Liability and Additional Living Expenses.

Dwelling and Personal Property Coverage

This insurance policy is meant for a damage that is inflicted upon the physical structure of your home. It also covers other building structures that are built on your property, though the percentage of coverage is usually limited to ten percent. The policy consists of two components, the first one ensures the security of a housing structure while the second one covers the contents that are normally found in a typical home, such as furniture, clothing, appliances and personal belongings. The personal property coverage is limited to fifty percent of the insured amount as mentioned in the documents of your dwelling policy.

Medical Payments Coverage

If an individual who has come to your house meets an accident and gets injured while inside the premises of your home, this type of AZ homeowners insurance pays for medical expenses that are needed to cure the person involved. Sometimes it may happen that you become a cause for the injury of another person. This policy can be used to cover the risk involved in the occurrence of such events also.

Personal Liability Coverage

This coverage provides you protection against the damage done inadvertently by you or any of your family member. It also covers damages caused by the uncontrolled movement of your pet. In this homeowners insurance policy, there is no deductible that must be paid before the insurer pays. You are entitled for $100,000, the basic limit, under this policy, though you can make a request for a higher limit also, of course, by paying an additional amount.

Additional Living Expenses

In case you are compelled to live temporarily out of your home in a motel or a rented apartment, the policy will pay you necessary expenses, which is generally for a period of twelve months. The amount payable is usually twenty percent of the dwelling coverage.

In addition to the aforementioned types of Arizona homeowners Insurance, there are policies that provide additional coverages to things, like debris removal, trees, plants, shrubs, credit card, animals, birds, fish, automobiles, cash, jewelry, computers, antique art objects and many more. Before roping in a homeowners insurance providing agency, make a checklist of your requirements and match it with the options available in the market. Compare the quotes from various insurance agencies and settle for the the one that provide you the best deal taking into account the typical insurance requirements of your household.
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