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Arizona Mortgage Bankers

Arizona mortgage bankers work to create a huge resource for the home loan lenders as well as the borrowers in the state. These home loan bankers design loan programs for the lenders who later sell it to the potential borrowers. They derive their income from the fees that they charges for originating the loan programs. On the other hand, they may work in company or as an individual who originate home loans and sell them to the investors and the borrowers. Moreover, Mortgage bankers provide extensive services such as taking care of borrowers' records, insurance, loan payments and taxes. A mortgage banker build a mutual beneficial relationship between the lenders and the borrowers. They help the borrowers to get the right loan programs for their needs and allow the lenders to get the interest for the loan amount.

The income of these bankers is greatly determined by the economic condition of the state and unlike primary lenders, they sell their loan products when there is a stable economy and future possibility of further growth. Sometimes, Arizona mortgage bankers also act like wholesale lenders who seek the help of home loan brokers to obtain loan products from primary market.

Arizona Mortgage Banker License

In order to proceed their business, bankers are required to have the mortgage banker license which is authorized by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions. There are certain pre-requisites, such as minimum three years of experience in handling mortgage banking business, net worth with or without government approval and appropriate bond amount for license applicants. A candidate can contact the licensing staff of the department either by calling at 602-771-2800 or by emailing to in order to know more about Arizona Mortgage Banker License.

Arizona Mortgage Bankers Association

Arizona Mortgage Banker Association governs all the code of ethics and the working principles of the home loan bankers in the state. The association endeavors to expand the services offered by home loan bankers to the homeowners and the lenders of the state.

If you are thinking to become a successful home loan lender in Arizona then it is very important for you to seek the assistance of some professional mortgage bankers who will guide you with their extensive knowledge. Mortgage bankers in Arizona are absolutely easy to find as a large number of them are available on the Internet. All you have to do is just spend some time making research on the most reliable home loan bankers available in the state. In case, if you are looking to invest your money on home finance loans then consult a reliable Arizona mortgage broker who has a wide experience in this field. is an online directory where you can get a long list of the top mortgage bankers in Arizona. The website of the company also offer contact details of the Arizona mortgage bankers.
Department of Financial Institution
Department of Financial Institution offers a list of some of the most reliable mortgage bankers in the state of Arizona. The company provide details on only the licensed and reputed Arizona mortgage bankers.
Residential Real Estate Today
Residential Real Estate Today is one of the best places to get all the latest news on the Mortgage Bankers Association of Arizona. Visit the official website of the company to know about the latest happening in the association.

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