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Arizona Real Estate License Renewal

Arizona Real Estate License Renewal makes you a legal professional and allows you to work in the real estate sector. If you do not renew your license on time then it will be expired leading to an interruption in conducting business. For on time renewal, complete the requirements of continuing education. Brokers as well as salespersons, need to complete 24 hours of this for the active license. After the completion of the same, fill the complete AZ real estate license renewal form and submit it with ADRE along with renewal fee.

Real Estate License Renewal can be done in any of the following ways:
  • Online
  • By mail
  • In person
For these the Arizona Department of Real Estate in Phoenix or Tucson can be contacted.

Arizona Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

If no renewal is done, it will cause the expiration of the license. Expired Arizona real estate license renewal requirements include late fee. Along with this , candidate also needs to fill the Renewal Application Form (LI-243), License Renewal Questionnaire Form (LI-244), Salesperson Associate Broker Change Form (LI-202), Renewal Fee, Late Fee and Unlawful Statement Activity Form (LI-555). For LI-555, all the supporting documents must be attached. Arizona real estate license requirements must be completed and all the forms should be fill out, otherwise the application is rejected and you need to fill the same again.

Late renewal can be done within a year of the license expiration, which is called grace period. If you miss this opportunity of renewing your license, then will have to face the termination of Arizona real estate license. Application for the original license will have to be sent as no exemption is given to anybody in this case. Reminders for the renewal is also sent via email. These notices are sent on 90, 60 and 30 days period. But receiving no mail will not mean that you will be excused from the failure process.

Any service provider, if caught working with terminated license may be have to face harsh consequences. These include:
  • Provocation of the license
  • Civil penalty (monetary)
  • Suspension of license
  • Continuing education

Arizona Real Estate License Renewal Online

Arizona real estate license renewal online is also done in the website of the Department of Real Estate.

For Arizona real estate license renewal online, Visit the website of ADRE. On the home page click 'Online License System'. With this 'Real Estate Licensing Login' page will be displayed. Read the Tutorial or instructions so that you have the complete information before hand. Put you License Number of get it from Public Database. Along with this also put Social Security Number, Date of Birth and then login to renew the license online.

Click 'Manage my Legal Presence' for continuing education. Also pay the fee for Arizona real estate license renewal.

AZ real estate license renewal online cannot be done if your license has expired. For this you need to go in person and submit all the required documents with the Department of Real Estate. If salesperson is using online real estate license renewal system, then it must be approved by the broker, otherwise it will not be renewed.

Along with real estate license renewal, online system can also be used to change the telephone number, contact details and email address. License Certificate can also be printed online by salesperson or broker.

If you are finding Arizona real estate license renewal requirements, online renewing page, educational and other AZ real estate license requirements then check the given links. Also visit the pages on for complete detail on every aspect of Arizona real estate license, schools, search and further requirements.
Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE)
Check the official website of ADRE to use Arizona real estate license online system. Use online services for the renwal.
Real Estate Learning Center
Get online license renewal and continuing education in Real Estate Learning Center. Check on-site class schedule to get further information.
Career Web School
Check Career Web School for details on continuing education requirements for Arizona real estate license renewal. You can buy the online products to fulfill the necessity of real estate license renewal in Arizona.

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