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Arizona Real Estate License Search

Arizona Real Estate License Search has increased to manifolds with the advent of online system of viewing and reviewing the license. With this both licensees and consumers have been benefited a lot. Every one explore the numerous websites of schools, ADRE, professionals etc to get tons of required information.

Consumers can do Arizona real estate license search for finding salesperson, broker or real estate company. In this look up, complete license verification can be done as any disciplinary action taken, status of the license, educational details etc is displayed.

Search for individuals can be done by the putting any of the following information:
  • Name
  • License Number
  • Location

Arizona Real Estate License Look Up

For advanced search you can also fill the entire data. In the name search; last name, first, middle and nick name are put in. You can put the entire or any known information. After this click the search button. The result displayed will include the license number, name, status of the license, employer, city and zip. Then click the license number for further details on the individual. Same AZ real estate license lookup can be done to find out the details of the company. There also exist the search provision for students, who can find the approved real estate schools. Put school name, school number, location, course and all the requirements to find out details on schools. Information given will include school number, type of courses offered, list of instructors etc. This Arizona real estate license lookup for school and company has made the real estate profession very pellucid.

Students these days can also do online search for real estate schools and different courses. Therefore Arizona real estate license search has really changed and simplified the process of taking the services. Visit the given links to begin the AZ real estate license lookup. Also check the other pages of for details on courses, verification, reciprocity, different requirements and classes.

Arizona Real Estate License Verification

A broker applicant must produce the testimonials regarding the actual experience he/she has gained while working as a licensed broker or real estate agent. The form LI-226 known as Broker Candidate Experience Verification Form is issued by the Arizona Department of Real Estate for this purpose. The applicant must fill this form giving evidence for at least three years of experience within the last five years. This form can be found in the Candidate Information Bulletin (CIB) itself or alternatively can be downloaded from the official website of the Arizona Department of Real Estate.
Hogan School of Real Estate, Inc
Hogan School of Real Estate, Inc provides the real estate license courses for sales license, brokers license and also the courses for continuing education.
Arizona Department of Real Estate Public Database
Check this link to find out and do Arizona Real Estate License Search for professionals, companies, schools, courses, instructors etc.
ARELLO boosts professionalism by promoting the quality in real estate regulations. You can search for real estate professionals who are part of ARELLO for the competent services.

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