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Arizona Real Estate License

Arizona Real Estate License is issued according to the Real Estate License Law in AZ by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Salesperson or brokers who are applying for the real estate license in Arizona must be 18 years of age. Moreover the applicant should never be denied for the license within the period of one year and if applying for the renewal of the license then there should not be any case of real estate license revocation in the preceding two years. Along with this 90 classroom hours should be completed containing the courses that are prescribed by the Commissioner. To get the Arizona real estate broker license, applicant should have minimum three years experience within the period of five years. If applying for the real estate license in AZ with experience in any other state then the applicant needs to submit the certified license history.

Arizona Real Estate Licensing: Points to Remember

Along with the these requirements, the candidate who is applying for the AZ real estate license should posses good character, be honest and competent. While applying for the real estate license documents confirming the same are also attached.

Arizona real estate license is not given to the following categories:
  • Candidates who have criminal background
  • Applicant against whom disciplinary action has been taken
  • Real estate license is denied if person is facing imprisonment or under community supervision.
  • Involvement in any kind of fraud or dishonest act such as forgery, theft, violence etc also cause denial of the Arizona real estate licence.
  • Even domestic violence can also lead to the refusal of the real estate license
Now if the Arizona real estate license has been expired the renewal of the same is required. For this prelicensure education is needed that is valid for the period of ten years. This means that is the license has expired for more than ten years then the same prelicensure education wont work. All the stated things are Arizona real estate license requirements.

Willing Arizona real estate licensees need to attend schools of real estate to get 90 classroom hours of education. AZ has no reciprocity agreement with any other state, so any new applicant will have to clear the school, state as well as national exam. Now when you have completed the real estate education from the schools in the state of Arizona then Prelicensure Education Certificate is issued. After this you become eligible for the state level real estate exam. After passing this you can give the national level exam. At the end of exam third score report will be issued that is a gateway to the Arizona real estate exam.

Now applicant can apply for the exam within a year of clearing all the examination. Delay in this will call for clearing the exams once again.

Application for the Arizona real estate license renewal is sent to the Department of Real Estate either prior to the 90 days of the expiration or till one year of expiration. For the renewal of the license continuing education is must. For more information you can log on to the official website of Arizona Department of Real Estate where you can find info on AZ real estate license, criteria of giving Arizona real estate licensing. Further consumer can search for the real estate licensees online in the website.


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