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Arkansas Foreclosure Process

Arkansas Foreclosure Process must be totally comprehended prior to making any kind of investment in the foreclosed homes. The whole process can be categorized into two major group on the basis of Power of sale clause. If it is there, then the Arkansas foreclosure proceedings will take place as Non-judicial foreclosure but if this clause is not there then the proceedings will occur by Judicial foreclosure method. Now, whether the foreclosed property is processed by judicial or non judicial method, appraisal of the foreclosed home in AR is must to be done.

Arkansas Foreclosure Proceedings

Arkansas foreclosure process generally takes 120 days but it can vary also. The right of redemption is only available with judicial foreclosure process and the redemption period is of 365 days. Further according to the Arkansas foreclosure proceedings, the deficiency judgment is allowed but that is also subject to change. Now for any type of foreclosure process in Arkansas notice of sale is must to have thing.

For judicial foreclosure process, the court first of all find out the defaulted amount and then gives time to the borrower in making the payment but if it is not done the the property goes for auction. The non judicial foreclosure process happens without the intervention of court as it contains the power of sale clause in deed of trust with or without date, place and time of auction. If these details have been given then the auction procedure will be according to that but if these have not been mentioned then the court will decide on that.

Further according to Arkansas foreclosure process the notice of sale is filed by the trustee in recorder's office. Then the notice of sale must be mailed to the borrower within 30 days of recording the notice of sale. Then this notice must also be mailed to the parties who appear in the deed of trust. The said notice must also be published for four consecutive weeks in the newspaper of the county before 10 days of the sale.

After these notices the auction of the property is done. Now again there is a provision of postponement of auction in the Arkansas foreclosure proceedings. If the auction is to be done within seven days of the first auction then the trustee will announce the new place, date and time of auction but of the period is more than that then the whole foreclosure process will have to be repeated.

The bidding is made during auction and the highest bidder gets the trustee's deed after making the whole payment within 10 days of the sale. The lender also has the right to sue the borrower for deficiency and the period for the same is twelve months. If you are keen to know more on Arkansas foreclosure process, proceedings, laws, foreclosed homes then keep checking the other pages of
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