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California Foreclosure Eviction

California Foreclosure Eviction process begins as soon as the sheriff's sale has been done. The homeowners will receive the eviction notice before the scheduled date of eviction thus giving them time to move out of the home. The notice served is the good gesture on the part of the government as it gives time to the homeowners on deciding the future after foreclosure eviction in California.

CA Foreclosure Eviction Process

Foreclosure is the process in which the home whose payment has not been made by the debtor is repossessed by the bank and sold during auction or as real estate owned to get back the money. The new owner after owing a home starts the eviction process in California if the original homeowners, tenant or occupants still occupies the home. To begin the foreclosure eviction process follow the law.
  • Check if the title is duly perfected or not. The perfection is done once the deed is recorded with the County Clerk
  • If the occupant refuses to vacate the property then the three days Notice to Quit must be served. After receiving this notice, the occupants are left with three days to vacate the property.
  • Now if the occupant still not vacating the property then the lawsuit is filed against him/her, which is again the part of California foreclosure eviction process.

California foreclosure eviction law for tenants

If the property is used as a Rental Home and occupied by the tenants then 30 days Notice to Quit must be served as the original lease agreement gets dissolved after the foreclosure sale. If the tenants refuse to quit in the said period of time then lawsuit if filed to get the detainer action.

In another case, if before foreclosure process, the rental agreement is recorded with the county clerk then agreement will stand and all the terms must be followed by the new owner. But again the tenancy can be terminated by sending 30 day notice to terminate the tenancy. In case the tenants have been residing in that home for the last one year then the 60 day Notice to Terminate the tenancy must be served according to the California foreclosure eviction law.

California Foreclosure Eviction Time

Even after receiving the notices if the property is not vacated by the occupants then the according to the detainer action the damages are requested which are given to the owner by the occupants as daily damages.

These California foreclosure eviction time frame must be understood and followed so that everything happens according to the set law. After the foreclosure, eviction hearing is done where the possession of the property is given to the bank and orders are given for the eviction of former homeowners. During this hearing more time can be asked so that you can find out the apartment or new home to live.

Now in order to protect yourself from the harassment of California foreclosure eviction process done forcefully it is better to respond as early as possible. Therefore along with the served notice also check the date of auction as with this you will get to know about the transference of title and estimates on the foreclosure eviction date. Along with this also go through the foreclosure laws so that you can get to know about foreclosure eviction time and complete process. To get more details also check the related links given by
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