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California Real Estate Forms

California real estate forms are essential when it comes to buying or selling of real estate properties in any part of the state. If you are involved in a real estate purchase, then all the transaction including notice of past dues, transfer of property titles and many other records are required to be properly documented and preserved. Those who seek the assistance of professional real estate agents will get all the real estate forms including, disclosure form, contract form and purchase agreement form as they are usually included in the service package of the agent. For those individuals who are looking to strike a deal on their own, they can download these real estate forms from several websites.

California Real Estate Offer Form

Real estate offer form is simply an offer to buy a real estate property and it usually serve as a sale contract between the seller and buyer. Any transaction will not be considered as legal without the offer form and the signature of both the buyer and seller. An offer form is also commonly known as purchase agreement form. A standard offer form can be used in all the states of the US. Moreover, one can also design his own purchase contract form having special conditions that fits his requirements. However, all the essential details must be included in order to avoid future inconveniences.

California Real Estate Disclosure Form

Any individual who is willing to sell his properties in California is required to fill the the real estate disclosure form. Real estate disclosure form is a legal document that informs the potential buyers about the material facts of the real estate properties which are on sale. In this disclosure form, personal information such as the age, health status, reason for selling the property will also be mentioned, however, they are of not prime importance. What counts in this form are the details of the structural condition of the property and its legal status. Some basic essential facts that should be included in the disclosure form are the age of the property, current problems of the property and property tax condition.

Free CA Real Estate Forms

Today, there are many real estate companies in California that provide free real estate forms on their website. They also utilize real estate forms software to allow the buyers to fill their details online. These real estate forms can also be downloaded and reprinted as per the needs of the user. Moreover, you can purchase these real estate forms at very cheap prices from real estate professionals offering online presence.
LawInfo is specialized in offering a wide range of legal assistance to homebuyers and real estate investors. The company also offer a number of real estate forms on their website.
CA Department of Real Estate
CA Department of Real Estate is a statewide organization that works to promote the real estate industry in California. You can get real estate forms from the association if you are thinking to buy a real estate property
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